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Is there a resource of human thoughts that might provide authors with ideas and backgrounds for character and story development?

Well there is always life itself. What happens or indeed, has happened to each and everyone of us, forms a basis from which we write.

Our imagination feeds our creative processes built on many of our own experiences and our responses to life in general, but are there any ways that we might extend our recognition and understanding of the world, and of the variations of human experience which would not only help but also inspire our stories and characters?

Not everyone will want to delve deeply into these depths of understandings, yet I cannot help but feel that mention of such resources will be of service for those of us who like to look behind the scenes of the human condition and psyche, so to speak.

Fora.tv seems to be one of those resources with an extremely wide approach to human knowledge through programs, lectures, introductions at book launches, etc., and as such I think it is appropriate to give Fora.tv some prominence as a place to investigate.

Now before someone claims that they don't want to go back to school, let me say that Fora.tv seems to me to be a site that offers the ideas and thoughts of others, in the spirit of sharing knowledge through presentations of rational research and discussion.

The diverse collection of renowned speakers on so many subjects might be foreboding or even boring for some, but I'm thinking that there will be someone, discussing some subjects there, that most of us will find captivating and informative.

Those of you who do find an interesting program at Fora.tv might like to share it with us by mentioning it here with a link.

Please note that the programs at Fora.tv are often quite long, up to an hour in length. It is also possible to download the item of interest and it is free. :hug:

Fora.tv home page.

Edit (May 6th, 2011): It seems that Fora.tv now makes a charge for some lectures. There is still plenty of items available for free.


To start things off here is a link to a program called
Abu Ghraib: The Dark Side of Human Nature
from World Affairs Council: Nor Cal

Presented by professor Philip Zimbardo, who is also the author of
The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

For further detail on the professor see his bio at the above link. (His childhood was spent in the Bronx)

The question on the institutional role of high school, at the end, I found interesting because of discussions we have had on school bullying

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