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Attack on gay club prompts protests in Israel

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From Australian ABC report:

Israeli demonstrators have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv after an attack on a gay community centre left at least two people dead and many others wounded.

Most of the victims were gay teenagers, who were taking part in a support group when a gunman burst in and started firing indiscriminately.

Within hours of the killing hundreds of people gathered outside the centre for a silent candle-lit vigil.

The attack has been described as the worst anti-gay attack in the country's history.

Gay leaders have described the attack as a hate crime targeting lesbians and gay men.

Yaniv Weisman is the head of the Israeli Youth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association.

"There is a big anger and if it will be known that behind this action it's a religious movement, we will punish the people behind it," he said.

"The gay community here is very strong and there would be a reaction from the gay community.

"The people in the government would be the first one to give us answers."

In many parts of Israel homosexuals often face opposition and sometimes violent protests, especially gay pride festivals in Jerusalem have seen angry confrontations between gay and lesbian activists and hardline religious groups.

But Tel Aviv has a reputation of being a liberal and secular city and many people have been shocked by news of the attack.

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