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Other Lectures at Chautauqua and the Aspen Institute


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Thanks to recent posts by Desdownunder and Cole Parker, I have spent the past few days listening to several stimulating lectures. Some were held at the Chautauqua Conference Center in western New York this past summer while others were from the Aspen Institute in Colorado, All are worthy of investigation I believe.

Des already spoke eloquently on Karen Armstrong?s Charter for Compassion.

To that I add George Kembel, co-founder and executive director of the d.school, whose talk explores ways to tap the latent human capacity for creativity and innovation: Awakening Creativity

Kembel?s new approach to problem solving is really a paradigm shift as it looks for what is not obvious to find other solutions to problems.

Of parallel interest is a lecture at the Aspen Institute given by Tod Machover, composer, inventor, and professor of music and media at MIT, discusses the many ways in which technology is transforming music: Transforming Music

Machover?s talk celebrates out-of-the-box creativity involving music in innovative ways.

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Thanks Rubilacxe,

I am so pleased you found those lectures.

I have watched the d.school one and Transforming music is on my list.

Fora.TV is a wonderful site, hosting these lectures for public access.

When I first found Fora.TV I thought it was another collection of those who are left of centre making their mark, but it seems they are much, more accepting of wider viewpoints, which serves to offer balance.

Put "Lessig" into their search box and watch one of the lectures by this innovative man who cares deeply about creativity and the effect of copyright on our creative freedoms.

Friends, if you find a lecture that leads to even a mild epiphany, or perhaps one that you just find has given a moment of thought or pleasure, please list it here, (with a link) so we might investigate it for ourselves. Of special interest for us would be those that broaden our perspective and inspire us to write.

No wonder the politicians and media want to shut down the Internet, it gives people the chance to cast off the shackles of the dumbed down.

Hmmm... DesDumbedDownUnder :hug:

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