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Clones and the Dreary


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All the men have gathered here

to celebrate our kind all alone.

A main focus lucid to melt the fear,

spirits common between our own.

Many a homosexual comes to hone

their aptness, perfection necessary

for an Adonis?just a simple clone?

another less than worthy adversary.

Now I?m on the run from every queer,

since I do not match the recent clone.

But I am held down by those who sear

my skin and taunt me by their tasty bone?

snatch it so I bust my head and moan

on the floor repeatedly till I cannot carry

my skull properly, not even my cheek bone.

I am another less than worthy adversary.

Seductive hetero?s come slyly and steer

their goods toward me over the phone

so my mind is mesmerized by a drear

personality and clever intellect. A cone

after a cone separates me from the lone

stranger lusting for me despite his parry.

Holding his ground, he may not bemoan

another less than worthy adversary.

Prince, how should I crown you, a clone!

Finally I will take the long awaited ferry

that will carry me from this cursed zone,

another less than worthy adversary.

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