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Finding Missing Links to Other Sites

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It is next to impossible to try to keep tabs on all the links that we refer to in our posts. Inevitably, some of these links will go out of date and become dead ends. This doesn't mean that the page is gone though. Googling for the information keywords may turn up the site or Google may have cached it and you will see if that is the case in the Google search results.

Recently, for example, I was looking at a forum entry in The Racoon's Den, and saw the entry there for the young singer, Gregg Pritchard. Clicking on the link brought up the YouTube notice that the item was no longer available.

Disturbed that it would have disappeared, I searched for 'Pritchard' in the YouTube search box, and was rewarded with the search results which included the the very song I wanted. While I have corrected the entry to reflect the change, it is obviously impossible to chase all the links that we post, so I thought I would just mention this alternative way that might turn up links of interest that seem to have gone.

If you should find THE Missing Link, please contact you local office of evolution. :wav:

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