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Death Penalty in Uganda for Homosexuality.

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This has been reported in a number of places such as the young Turks, but I found this Politics Daily article that has some background material of interest, even if it is somewhat disturbing.

Whatever you decide to believe in this report, the criminalisation of homosexuality is totally unacceptable.

Helplessness and despair comes to my mind as a response to this news.

I think a boycott or an embargo on Ugandan trade would be appropriate if they pass the bill.

(I for one will never read an Ugandan spam message again.) :icon_geek:

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We all know that Uganda is considering legislation that would make being gay punishable by prison -- or even death.

Following widespread condemnation, the bill is now under review, but brave Ugandan campaigners and church leaders have called on Avaaz to take action, saying only worldwide condemnation, in support of their national efforts, could stop the bill.

Let's stand with these courageous people working against intolerance and persecution in Uganda. Sign the petition urging Uganda to withdraw the bill, and it will be delivered to The President of Uganda, his embassies around the world and major donors.


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