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The purpose of this thread is two-fold.

To tell us of stories that have been told.

And if you don't mind,

and are ever so kind,

to advertise our own skills, so bold.

Leaves and Lunatics by EleCivil

The young man named Cam is a real cad.

Kissing Nathan while dating Clint, he had.

Could Jill be a fan,

of Andrew, the Man?

Or is she looking at Jerry, the lad?

The Adventures of Billy, A Kid by Codey

A limerick to praise a poem, how quaint.

Of equal quality, this just ain't.

The story is bold.

Least, that's how it's told.

A beautiful picture, he did paint.

Get a Clue by Codey

A startling deserved slap in the face.

For all of us who run in the race.

It makes me ashamed,

but I'm only to blame,

that he's able to make a strong case.

And for some advertising

It's time for me to blow my own horn,

A new story is about to be born.

And so with no shame,

I'm hoping for fame,

but I expect that hope to die, all forlorn.

Ambush by Graeme

A young man doing deeds nefarious,

The ethics may be quite precarious.

Does he want to go

and tell his bro no?

Should he stop before it gets all too serious?

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