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The Cronnex finale now available

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The long-awaited fourth and final book of The Cronnex has recently been published here: Cronnex Website Author Trewin Greenaway slipped it into availability without warning a few days ago. The series is very well-written and well-executed in PDF, all four books are now available for free download.

The new fourth book is a brilliant culmination to the saga, written with a mature voice that makes the wait worthwhile. "Dionis" brings this exceptional series to a satisfying conclusion; with a final wrap-up as neat as could be expected, sharper than might be believed, and with a smooth, satisfying epilogue as a sweet frosting on the cake.

So says a critic. Me, I say it's a good read and worth the time. Check it out.

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I do have Wisferon [2648] and Dionis [1777} as .pdf files but I have no idea how to send them. You can email me acam@blueyonder.co.uk



The cronnex website is offline since a while, it does not look like it will be coming back anytime soon.

Does anyone still have parts 3 and 4 of the book available and could send it to me? It would be much appreciated since they are nowhere to be found.

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