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editor who doesn't cry too fast

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hey guys,

for my story Black Sheep I'm looking for an editor that is able to help me get to the next level of writing.

About a year ago I rewrote the first 6 chapters of the story, and since I'm starting to finish up the first part of the story I'd like it to get looked over.

So what is Black Sheep?

Black sheep is a high-school/college time story. The main character is about 18 years old. The story is set is 3 books of about 20 chapters each. The first set is about 13/20 done and the last chapters will follow up faster than the first part because the is what the chapters worked up to and I really feel like writing them (also because I get some freaky kick out of teasing my readers). The main themes are angst and love, and the secondary theme revolves around family.

Great, So what is Black Sheep about?

Black Sheep is about Vic a goth guy with a past. As he moves to a new school he can't help to fall in love with one of his classmates Jack. Jack is a sweet guy, head over heels for Vic. As they get together Jack finds out that Vic has more of a past than he expected but he doesn't walk away from him and helps him out where he can. But will it be enough?

Not gone yet? Okay, so maybe you are interested.

So what am I looking for in a Editor?

Like I said, I want to improve my writing. I'm looking for an Editor that can help me get rid of my last trouble with sentence structures and stupid mistakes I keep making when writing in English. Also I would like if the overall flow and structure of the story could be looked after.

I have been trying to improve on multiple aspects of my writing. I feel could improve more but I would like to have a little help with it XP

So yeah, Who ever is still reading and interested. Please leave me a message :)

Lots of thanks!

Black sheep is available on my website www.5timeschaos.com

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