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Looking for writer(s) for me indie game dev project.

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Greetings everyone!

May i interest you to a lowly and humble project that I'm trying to yield to fruition? an indie game development project that requires a many Great talents such as yourself? Are you thinking hang on, I'm totally dig this fella here that just called me a great charmingly wise, fabulously gorgeous, ingenious of a man or a woman if you prefer of many great significant words and one hell of a sexy talent and would love to know more?!!!

well, My name is Macxell, some call me meow and I'm trying to make a Independent game based on the current modern world timeline where the main guy is a gay detective that went through depression due to the lost of his love and trying to pick himself up and move on. another word... it's a RPG game.(Role Playing Game) I am hoping to create it for mobile gaming platform, most likely for android phones since it's the current system with least headache for an indie dev team to produce. but other platforms like PC & Mac, ipad, iphones and etc isn't out of the equation neither. It'll not be a open-source dev project meaning we kept to ourselves until we finish it. as for the Plan, well it will be to finish off the story first and get other pre-production done before i hunt down production teammates. those i know plenty. Wish i could tell you more but if u sign up you will know more! :)

now as most sane minded or one with many bills would ask are there any money not only involved but will it land in me pocket for perhaps a 'safe keepin'? unfortunately i would have to say no. I'm am rather out of the equation of the plentiful and pimping. But if the project do succeed and does sell well or at all, i do foresee we share the profit among all teammates. but i would discourage having people with only money in their mind in such project as it would ultimately hinder great creativity.

Think of it as a hobby where you can land your words with no restrictions. something of a treat when you are bored but needed to exercise experimental words. do it at any leisure time as no editors shall hound you and pick at your bones for every typo mistake you might have missed. heck, you get to see and play test the game that your words bring forth! also there are not many gay oriented games out there that's not from Japan or Korea and not at the verge of porno. our game shall be like playing a decent novel with elegantly planned love scenes but not horrendous forced-in sex scene like so many gay movies out there that just make no sensee. We're Trying to go for 'R' instead of 'X'.

thank you for your time in reading this. free cookies might thrown in the deal too if it get you to sign on. (hmm have to google some cookies recipes... something with plenty of chocolate perhaps?)



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