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Cleve Jones on Prop 8 Trial

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"After successfully petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to deny public access to the trial, Prop. 8's supporters have fought to strike their own witness testimony from the official trial record. Their objective has been to keep the truth "invisible" to the American people no matter what the outcome of a case that is likely to continue until it reaches the U.S. Supreme Court - a process that could take years." That quote is from an Op-Ed written by one of slain LGBT Equality Rights icon Harvey Milk's closest aides, Cleve Jones.

One of the early decisions that was widely denounced was the ruling that cameras should be kept out of U. S. District Judge Vaughn Walker's courtroom during the proceedings.

The lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the trial, Ted Olson, had commented prior to yesterday's closing arguments that;

"We think that every American should have seen the wonderful education that this trial was."

From The Bilerico Project, Cleve Jones' Op-Ed: Why We Must Tell America the Truth About the Prop 8 Trial

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Great statement by Ted Olson and David Boies on the gay marriage issue, and how they fought Proposition 8 in California this past week:


All of their arguments are extremely articulate and well thought-out to me.

[if I could figure out how to actually imbed the video here, I would!]

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