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Wendy Francis for family first


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wow she just sounds like a religious right wing, from the us, and her stuff she says on twitter, makes you want to throw a computer out the window.

@wendy4senate he wasn't some self righteous guy who forbid people from loving. You should really get to know the real Jesus.

about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to wendy4senate

@robbiedashwood No one suggested we don't value and love people. But the rights of children come first - it's selfish otherwise

about 5 hours ago via web in reply to robbiedashwood

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Family First currently has one senator: Senator Fielding from Victoria. He got in with less the 2% of the vote due to a preference deal with the Australian Labor Party and he's up for reelection this year. That's not going to happen again anytime soon, so it is extremely unlikely that Family First will make it into the Australian Federal Parliament any time soon (Senator Fielding gives himself a 50% chance of being re-elected. Most people think it's a lot less than that). As such, they can be generally ignored as a fringe party, like the Australian Sex Party :hehe:

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The Australian Sex Party is about the only party worth voting for. They are pro equality of marriage and critical of the religious deals made with the major parties.

No, they probably won't get a candidate elected, but when you don't have a viable choice with the major parties, you might as well register a protest vote by putting the Australian Sex Party first on your ballot paper.

Either that, or if you want a party with a wider policy base look at the Secular Party of Australia which obviously wants to keep church and state separate.

Australia is suffering like so many Western Democracies from theological interference with government policies. We badly need a Bill of Rights.

Neither of the two major parties can be respected for their policies and nobody should feel compelled to have to vote for either of them. They both belong to a previous century. You choose which one, and then vote for those who will give us sex, freedom and a bill of rights (equality included.)

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