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What a great documentary showing how important it is to donate organs when you die. I live in California, and when we get our driver's license it comes with a little sticker you can put on that indicates that you're willing to have your organs donated. I think that's so important. It's on my license. That way I would be giving something back to everyone, not just to the people who live on because of my organ donation.

I also think it's wonderful when the recipient of an organ offers to meet with the family of the donor. I read a story in the newspaper about five or six years ago that said only 8% of donors and recipient families ever communicate with each other. I think that's sad. If I received a donated organ I'd want to thank the donor's family. I'd understand if they never replied, but I'd be sad if they didn't. Receiving a donated organ is such an amazing gift, there's almost no way to truly say 'thank you' to the donor's family.

Just my opinion.

Colin :icon_geek:

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