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When Does It Stop?

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Brody Levesque comments on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate groups list, attracting criticism from Tony Perkins and others.

"Earlier this week, FRC was included in a list of 18 hate groups because, as the SPLC?s Winter 2010 ?Intelligence Report? explains, the group has ?continued to pump out demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexual and other sexual minorities.? This, according to the Advocate and countless other LGBTQ & mainstream media outlets. Predictably....

"In demanding an apology, FRC president Tony Perkins called the Southern Poverty Law Center ?a massively funded liberal organization that operates under a veneer of public justice when, in fact, they seem more interested in fundraising ploys than fighting wrongdoing.?

Brian Brown at NOM, another 'injured' recipient of the SPLC's hate group designation said:

"This is an absurd distraction emanating from a once-great organization?s real mission---with all the actual hate groups out there, how can Southern Poverty Law Center stoop so low? This report is not an attack on NOM but on the majority of Americans who believe that to make a marriage you need a husband and wife. It is also further proof of what NOM has been saying: today?s gay marriage movement is no longer about tolerance, live or let live?it?s about driving out dissenting voices from the public square.

Gay marriage now serves as the tip of the spear to a new campaign to demonize and generate hatred against those who adhere to traditional views of sex and marriage. Regular readers of NOM?s work know how we characterize gay people: those who support our vision of marriage, we welcome to join our work. For gay marriage advocates (the majority of whom are not gay) we say: we think you are wrong, and we will fight for our right to vote for marriage in the public square."

Of course I could go on with the dog & pony show regarding the SPLC's report but there's no point to that. Instead, I have to ask a simple question: "When does it stop?"

Brody's full comment.

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