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Endless Holidays

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my ex was in mexico. i think there were about five or six christmas parties i was going too.... one of them, there was this gorgeous guy. i mean, just cute and twinky. man. and my mom was helluv trying to hit on him for me. like saying stuff like i could give him a job.... wow. dude and he was hella cute. and, like, my sister and my dad were just sitting on the couches looking over at us with a really concerned expression. they probably saw me resisting the urge to pull the poor dude. or get his phone number or something. lol. it was so tempting that i straight up left early. anyway. yeah. still, five or six holiday parties is way too much.


Endless Holidays

Gabriel Duncan

Social politics ain't shit

Mix wits with these twits

Might as well skip

To face-lifts

And cheese dips

It's not that this pleasant diversion isn't welcome

The endless social functions

Serve to form fleeting first encounters

With foreign factions of my fraternity

Simply that the frivolity of this moment

And the fragility of our times

Does not mix with this wine

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