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Tales of a Night walker

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I'm sure most people are a little bored with the vampire scenarios, but this one really is different.

The settings are authentic and traverse time and generations with a most beguiling writing style that is at times a little jarring when the first person changes, or it jumps to a new time. That is worth forgiving in the instance it occurs, though. Then its back to our main protagonist and all is well.

As for the vampire, don't expect the heroics of recent Hollywood movies, this is for me, more realistic and certainly heart felt, almost had me in tears a couple of times.

The transitions of time and place jump years at a time, but it is all coming together in the latest chapters.

I am not really a fan of vampire stories, but I like fantasy which might be possible and that sums this story up.

At the moment 32 chapters have been posted, and posting is very regular.

I think it is epic in scale even if a little human in its story, well worth a read for that something different.

Tails of a Night Walker

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I dunno, Des. Any story where they use the phrase "he prevaricated" in the first chapter frightens me...

I put that down to the language of the 19th century. As the story proceeds the language and the characters become more everyday, more modern, but then vampires do talk funny, don't they? :icon_geek:

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