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Who do they work for?

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GOP Undoing Financial Reforms

As if everything else wasn't enough, now we see attempts by Republicans to get rid of the weak financial reforms that were passed after the meltdown of 9/11. This was what they ran for in 2010, and why they were elected. What I wonder is how much people understood this was what they were going to do when they voted for them. I know a lot of people wanted to 'send a message', but was this the message they wanted or were they played for suckers and now have to pay the price?

Wary of attempting to dismantle the entire statute and being portrayed as Wall Street's allies - banks are among the nation's most unpopular institutions - GOP lawmakers are attacking corners of it. They can't prevail because they don't control the White House or Senate, but they may be able to force some compromises on agency budgets, pressure regulators and influence some of Obama's nominations.
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