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Pinky and the Brain

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Mike Smith had just turned 12 and was in hell. For two weeks now Jack Johnson had been his seatmate and never missed an opportunity to invade his space. It started off with Jack rubbing his knee against Mike then progressed to him laying his blonde head on Mike’s shoulder. Mike responded by shoving the other boy off him, only to have Jack cuddle him like nothing happened. This infuriated Mike who loathed being touched and made a habit to avoid physical contact as much as possible. After what felt like an eternity the bus arrived at school and Mike breathed a sigh of relief as Jack grabbed his crutches then exited.

As they were waiting for first period to start Jack made his way over to Mike, he had had enough and shoved Jack. the boy hit the ground hard and gave Mike a look of betrayal.

“I’m telling the principal,” Jack said and picked himself up.

“Wait I’m sorry, don’t tell on me please,” Mike said then had to take a few puffs from his inhaler.

“OK I won’t tell, but only if you let me lay on you on the way home,” Jack said with a smirk plastered across his face.

“Fine but just for today and then you cut out all this touchy feely crap,” Mike said.

The rest of the day flew past in a blur and before Mike knew it the moment he’d been dreading arrived: Jack plopped down and rested his head on Mike’s shoulder. Through gritted teeth Mike tried to ignore the other boy’s presence, and thought he’d succeeded until he felt wetness on his back. His brown eyes met Jack’s hazel and saw they were filled with tears.

“Why are you crying? You got what you wanted."

“Cuz you hate me, that’s why!” Jack said.

“Hate you? I don’t even know you.”

“That's even worse,” Jack said shedding more tears.

“You OK back there boys?” The bus driver said after Jack’s last outburst.

“Yes,” the boys said in unison. Satisfied Loraine turned back to the road.

“Why are you so mean to me when I just tried to be nice to ya?” Jack whispered into Mike’s ear.

“Me? You’re the one who’s always laying on me even after I told you to stop it.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it if I like ya, Ok? I want to be your friend,” Jack said and regretted it the moment it left his mouth. He didn’t know why he liked the chubby black kid so much, he just did and now he’d gone and ruined everything. Defeated Jack removed his head from the other boy’s shoulder and slumped down in the seat. Puzzled by the blonde’s words Mike turned to him and said, “Look it’s nice you want to be friends but I’m not interested. Besides like my parents would let us hang out anyways.”

“Oh so if I convince your parents to let us hang out we can be friends then?”Jack said with a cock grin.

“This I have to see,” Mike said with heavy sarcasm as he exchanged numbers with Jack. The rest of the week passed without incident until Friday morning when Jack came on the bus carrying an overnight bag and a huge smile.

“You excited for our sleepover tonight?” Jack said to a shocked Mike.


“Yeah our moms talked it over last night and I’m staying the night. Aint that awesome,” Jack said with a toothy grin. Mike looked at the boy and gave him a look that said, fuck my life. Jack sat down glancing at the Mike out the corner of his eyes. He ached to pull the boy close and get lost in his scent. He closed his eyes and fought back the urge until he was certain he wouldn’t lose control. Jack let out a deep sigh and settled in for the ride. He fidgeted the entire way and after what like an eternity to him they arrived at school. While they waited for first period to start Mike was confused by Jack’s behavior. He thought for sure the other boy would have been all over him this morning. While he was happy Jack hadn’t invaded his space, he couldn’t understand why he felt sad.

The day passed without incident until lunch time. Mike entered the restroom and unzipped his fly when in walked Jack. They locked eyes and froze. Jack broke the tension with his cocky grin and took the urinal next to him. Mike pulled out his penis and let his stream flow after 30 of the most awkward seconds of his life. Jack stood transfixed at the foreskin of the other boy and felt himself harden. He panicked, stopped his flow midstream and left, hoping he hadn’t been found out.

“Hey aren’t you going to wash your hands?” Mike said to the boy’s back. Getting no response he finished peeing then returned to the cafeteria. As the last period approached the boys’ apprehension mounted. Why didn’t he tell Jack to screw off this morning, Mike thought to himself. He wished Jack had told on him, at least then they’d probably never have to ride on the same bus. Sure he’d get into trouble with the ‘rents, but it’d be worth it to be rid of the blonde. Then why did that make him sad, he wondered.

Jack sat in class bobbing his knee and drumming his finger on his desk unable to concentrate on anything but the image seared into his mind. His insides felt like they were in a pretzel as his emotions warred. He couldn’t wait to finally be alone with Mike, but worried he’d mess up and they would never be friends. Above all else though he feared the boy would learn his secret and hate him. The final bell rang and the two made their way to their lockers then waited for the bus.

“So tell me about your family,” Jack said with his biggest grin.

“Well there’s not much to tell. Mom’s a public defender and works long shifts while Dad works at an auto body shop downtown. I’m alone most of the time,” Mike said turning towards Jack.

“Oh,” Jack said and looked down before continuing, “that must suck, but I bet it’s better than sharing a house with hyperactive seven year olds.”

“It’s not that bad, besides I’m used to being alone. Don’t really know any other way.”

“Aw come on dude everybody needs friends. Hey if you want you can barrow me and the twins for a day,” Jack said and shoved Mike.

“Well some company might be nice,” Mike said and shoved him back.

“Score!” Jack said and pumped his fists in the air.

“I said might silly,” Mike said through a fit of laughter.

“Hey you didn’t say no,” Jack said then smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

“Doesn’t take much to excite you I see. Ha, what are you half Chihuahua?”

“Hey take that back you meanie!”Jack said as he swatted Mike on his knee. The pair was so engrossed they didn’t notice their bus had arrived until the driver honked the horn. As the pair exited the school Mike smacked jack on his butt.

“What the hell man?” Jack said after he regained his balance.

“Don’t start something if you can’t finish it,” Mike said and walked off smirking at the blonde. Jack watched him walk onto bus and flashed a devilish grin. Mike had just gotten comfortable when Jack sat down on his lap.

“Pay back’s a bitch aint it?” Jack said then hopped off Mike before he could react.

“Oh it’s so on motherfucker,” Mike said and they got into a shoving match for the rest of the ride home. The other students took note of the pair and snickered, but they were oblivious to this and continued their game and in no time they arrived at Mike’s house.

“You boys have fun,” said Loraine with a knowing smile. They smiled in return and exited the bus. Jack’s worries mounted when he saw the stairs leading up to the front porch. Normally they wouldn’t have been an issue but with the combined weight of his book bag and overnight bag it would be difficult. Mike reached down for the overnight bag, but Jack smacked his had away.

“I don’t need your help, I’m not weak you know,” Jack said glaring at Mike.

“OK no need to get your panties in a bunch,” Mike said and walked away. Jack hoisted both bags on his shoulders and grabbed his crutches. He made it off the bus and up two steps before he lost his balance and fell backwards.

“You OK?”

“Ugh, yeah my back’s a bit sore though.”

“Well what do you have in that thing anyways?” Mike said lifting the bag over his shoulder despite Jack’s protests.

“The standard sleepover gear: clothes, DVDS and my laptop,” Jack said and continued up the steps.

“Lucky you, the parental units only let me use the desktop in the den. Said they’re afraid I might meet some pedo without their supervision,” Mike said and pouted.

“Where’s your room?” Jack said and set his book bag down by the couch then sat down.

“First door on the right down the hall,” Mike said pointing over his shoulder before continuing, “So what do you want to do?”

“We might as well get homework out the way. I have algebra and social studies, what about you?” said Jack as he got his text books.

“I just have math, who’s your teacher?” Mike said flipping the HD TV to ESPN.

“Ms. Adams, and eww you like this crud?” Jack said curling his lips.

“I heard she’s easy, have Mr. Davis and he always gives us homework on the weekend—and what’s wrong with Sports Center?” Mike said and kicked Jack’s foot.

“Naw she’s not easy, people just say that ‘cuz she gives multiple choice tests. And Sports Center is boring as fuck,” Jack said launching a pillow at the brunette.

“Wa! My kung fu is better than yours,” Mike said as he knocked the pillow aside. Jack groaned and launched another pillow, this time hitting his mark. Mike glared at Jack and moved to the other end of the couch. The pair fell into silence, punctuated by outbursts from Mike when there was a good play. Jack tried to concentrate on the assignment but he couldn’t stop thinking how he screwed things up. Sighing he plowed ahead and finished an hour later.

“Here, I thought you’d never get done,” Mike said handing him the remote.

“Whatever,” Jack said and channel surfed until he came to an old UFC bout. Mike turned and said, “You like this stuff?”

“Yeah, watching those buff guys go at it is so cool,” he said with an indignant look on his face. Mike rolled his eyes and ignored the blonde’s attitude. He kicked off his air force ones and stretched out on the couch.

“Do you mind your feet are in my lap,” Jack said and pushed them off him.

“Nope,” he deadpanned and placed his size tens back in the boy’s lap.

“This means war, roar,” Jack said and tickled Mike’s feet.

“Stop it you asshole,” he said through laughter and reached for his inhaler.

“Well I see you two are getting along fine,” Ms. Smith said as she closed the door and put her briefcase down. Seeing his mother Mike immediately stood up and placed his hands behind his back.

“Good afternoon Mother, when shall Father be joining us this evening?”

“Honey relax, you know you only have to do that when your dad’s around and he won’t be home until seven. Have you done your homework yet?”

“Yes Ma’am, we did it as soon as we got home,” Mike said causing Jack to burst out laughing at his choice of words.

“And has the TV been on all this time?”

“Yes Ma’am, we’ve been here about an hour now,” Mike said checking the clock on the wall.

“Well you know the rules dear. You boys go play in your room until dinner’s ready and you can watch a movie before bed.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Mike said as he picked up his book bag and Jack’s overnight bag.

“What the hell was that all about?” Jack said as they entered Mike’s room.

“My dad used to be in the Marines and expects me to be his good little soldier,” Mike said and reclined on the king size bed.

“Oh. That explains why your room looks so freakishly clean. So what do you want to do now?”


“Sweet,” Jack said and they played Modern Warfare 2 until Ms. Smith called them to dinner. Mike set the table and five minutes later his father came home. 6’5 and 250 pounds of pure intimidation stared down at Jack and then lumbered forward at him. James Smith crushed the boy’s hand in his meaty claw.

“What’s your name, son?” he barked out.

“Jack Johnson, sir. Nice to meet you, sir,” he stuttered.

“Tell me what do your parents do?”

“They’re investment bankers, I think, sir.”

“Oh really and what is it they do exactly?”

“Um I don’t know invest in banks?” the blonde said as he tremored.

“Ha!” James’ voice boomed and he continued badgering Jack until Mike had enough.

“Stop it!”

“Oh you think ‘cuz you have company over you can show your ass? I don’t think so,” James said reaching for his belt.

“James Eli Smith if you don’t sit down this instant and leave those boys alone I will kick your ass from here to Timbuktu,” Shelia Smith said and James slowly made his way to the head of the table. Dinner passed without much conversation and the boys were left to do the dishes while Mike’s parents retreated to their bedroom upstairs.

“Now I see why you didn’t want to be friends. Is he always like that?” Jack said passing Mike a plate.

“No. That was nice for him.”

“Shit, thanks for sticking up for me. I was so ‘bout to piss my pants back there. Oh man, I didn’t get you in trouble did I?” Jack said and handed Mike another plate.

“No it’ll all blow over my morning. Right about now they’re getting it on,” Mike said.

“Eww TMI, I did not need to know that,” Jack said and wiped some suds on Mike and a water fight broke out. They retreated to Mike’s room after cleaning the kitchen and got ready for bed. Jack reached for his pajamas but stopped not wanting to look like a baby.

“Umm what do you normally wear to bed?” he said looking at the floor.

“Just my boxers and maybe a shirt, you?” Mike said while pulling off his jeans.

“Same here,” Jack squeaked and took off his khaki shorts with trembling hands, hoping Mike didn’t notice. The other boy did however notice Jack’s tighty-whities and laughed his head off. Jack pounced on top of Mike and they wrestled around. Mike was surprised by how strong the smaller boy was as they jostled each other. Mike started wheezing but resisted the urge to reach for his inhaler and the match continued with Jack on the bottom. Mike made to put jack in a head lock when their erection rubbed against each other. Instantly they separated and Mike retrieved his inhaler from the bedside dresser. Jack looked down and noticed Mike’s hard on hanging out his fly. Jack couldn’t resist his urges any longer and wrapped his hand around the four inch shaft, sending Mike’s inhaler falling to the floor.

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