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Pinky and the Brain 2

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Mike froze as he felt the heat of Jack’s hand envelope his shaft, and then retract his foreskin.

“What the hell are you doing?” he said and smacked Jack’s hand away.

“I’m sorry, please don’t hate me,” Jack said through sobs.

“I don’t care. You had no right to touch me like that. Stay away from me,” Mike said and got into bed. Jack continued sobbing as he climbed into bed next to Mike who rolled away from him and placed a barrier of pillows between them. For the longest time they lay awake, neither daring to speak or look at the other until sleep finally over took them. In the morning Mike was the first one up and rushed through his morning routine before he had to deal with the blonde. As he was putting on a new pair of boxers Jack walked into the bathroom, his piss hard on leading the way. They exchanged glares and Mike finished getting dressed, though when he caught a glimpse of Jack’s penis his gaze lingered. He tried ignoring it but Mike’s eyes kept finding their way back to the pink flesh. Jack shook off then turned to Mike.

“Look about last night, don’t tell anyone,” Jack said his ears turning red.

“Last night never happened and come Monday you stay as far from me as possible or the whole school will know,” Mike said as he made his way to breakfast. Jack clinched his fist then hit the wall. How could he have been so stupid, he thought to himself as he rubbed his sore hand and went to breakfast.

“I see the love birds had a little tiff,” James said and burst into laughter.

“Honestly James grow up and leave the boys alone,” Shelia said smacking James’ head.

“What, it’s true. They haven’t so much as even looked at each other this whole time.”

“James let it go. Mike dear what’s wrong with you and Jack?” Shelia said.

“Nothing we’re fine, “Mike and Jack said at the same time.

“Mmhhm, I wasn’t born yesterday you know mister. Well you can tell me when you’re ready. Now Jack when do you want to go home?” Shelia said while she got James another helping of biscuits with gravy.

“If it’s not too much trouble after breakfast Ms Smith,” Jack said as he played with the eggs on his plate.

“No problem dear James will take you home.”

“What why me?”

“Because it’s your week to do the grocery shopping and Jack’s house is on the way,” Shelia said with her hands akimbo as she glared down at James.

“But last week…” James’ sentence was cut off when Shelia locked eyes with him and he nodded. Jack gathered his things and the boys gave the other a forced smile as they waved goodbye.

“Alright mister spill, what’s going on between you guys,” Shelia said once they were alone.

“Nothing OK, just drop it,” Mike said as he got up from the table to do the dish.

“Right, then care to tell me why last night you were curled up on the couch with him, and this morning you looked ‘bout ready to rip his head off.”

“I don’t want to talk about it Mom.”

“Look baby you can talk to me about anything, and I do mean anything. You’re at that age when you discover sex and…”

“Eww Mom. We are not having the talk,” Mike said pulling a sour face.

“Yeas we are, or would you rather I have your father give you it?” she said and laughed at the terror stricken look on Mike’s face before continuing, “Thought not. Now, as I was saying it’s quite common for boys to experiment together. It doesn’t mean you’re weird or gay, not that I’d love ya any less if you were. Just remember to be safe and don’t let anyone talk you into doing something you’re not comfortable with.”

“God do you know how embarrassing this is, and I’m so not gay!” Mike said sticking his nose in the air and puffing out his chest.

“Well I’d rather you are embarrassed then me being a grandmother before I’m 35. I don’t even want you thinking about having sex till at least college, but I know that’s not going to happen. So come to me when you do and I’ll buy you condoms.”

“Ok,” Mike said rather stunned at his mother’s frankness and went back to doing the dishes. Shelia walked behind Mike and wrapped him in her arms holding him close to her chest.

“God Mom let go you’re smothering me,” Mike said through a fit of giggles.

“Never! No matter what you’ll always be my baby boy, ya hear,” Shelia said as she tickled Mike.

Monday morning when Jack went to sit next him Mike put his book bag on the seat and refused to move it until Loraine intervened. Mike put in his ears buds and ignored Jack for the rest of the ride.

“Hey I’m sorry can we just forget what happened?” Jack begged the other boy. It was the end of the day and Mike had done everything in his power to avoid jack all day. He turned the volume on his MP3 player up and turned away from the blonde boy. On the ride home Jack tried to apologize again, but Mike blew him off and so this pattern continued as the weeks went by until jack had enough. As soon as he sat down he yanked the ear buds from Mike’s ear and started in before he could be cut off.

“Look I’m sorry can we just go back to how things were before. I know you liked hanging out with me. Come on you know ya did admit it. The water fight, wrestling around on your bed, me pwning ya in Modern Warfare 2; good times dude so let’s do it again,” Jack said in his squeaky voice. Mike turned him looked directly into his eyes when he spoke.

“No you violated my space and I told you what would happen if you kept bugging me, so by the end of today everyone will know what a freak you are.”

“No you can’t do that my life will be over. Please I promise to never bug you again if you just don’t tell,” Jack said on the verge of tears. Mike nodded his head and the pair never spoke again. When Jack saw Mike in the halls he tried not to let the other boy get him down, but the scorn in the other boy’s eyes always made his heart break. Time marched on and soon it was the last day of school. Jack was busy cleaning out his locker when he bumped into Mike by the trash cans. They exchanged hesitant looks then Jack broke the ice, “Hey can you believe we’re finally seniors now and all the 6th graders will be our bitches.”

“Yeah but we go back to being nothings come 9th grade,” Mike said as he tossed his trash bag into the can.

“Yeah that sucks, but anyways I’m sorry about what happened that night I slept over. Friends?” Jack said extending his hand. Mike looked down at pale appendage then said, “No thanks.”

“Oh come, on you can’t still be mad about that. Besides you know you miss me,” Jack said flashing mike his goofy grin.

“And you think that why exactly?”

“Because I miss you,” Jack said and offered his hand again.

“OK but no funny business or I’m going to kick your skinny white ass,” Mike said shaking Jack’s hand.

“Hey and when did you see my ass? I’ll have you know it’s fabulous,” Jack said with mock indignation.

“Right,” Mike said as he walked back to his locker.

“Screw you man!” Jack said and swatted Mike on the butt when he returned.

“Hey that’ll be five dollars and you know you’d be the one riding my jock,” Mike said smirking at Jack.

“Didn’t know you were a hooker, and you know you want all of this,” Jack said running his hand down his chest.

“Who’s your dealer ‘cuz you must be on one,” Mike said and flipped him off.

“Whatever. Like I’d let you fuck anyways,” Jack said flashing his cocky grin.

“Bitch please, like you could handle my anaconda,” Mike said as he smacked Jack’s butt.

“Looks like the fags have kissed and made up,” David Anderson said.

“Take that back right now, or I swear to God I’ll beat your ass,” Mike said after he charged the larger boy and pinned him against the locker.

“Jesus Christ Mike, I was just kidding. Now back up off me,” The brown haired boy said as he struggled against Mike’s grip before he released David.

“You’re lucky I’m going to High school next year, or your ass would be dead. Ouch!” David said and doubled over after Mike drove his elbow into the boy’s stomach.

“What the hell was that about?” Jack said as they walked to the bus. Mike turned to him and shrugged his shoulders.

“Bullshit you don’t just manhandle a dude like David and shrug it off, spill.”

“If you must know Dad made me take Karate and jujitsu since I was 7.”

“Remind me not to piss you off,” Jack said as they walked to their seat.

“If I wanted to hurt you I would have,” Mike said ruffled Jack’s hair.

“Hey not the hair,” he said fussing over his hair.

“Ha, you’re such a girl,” Mike said earning him a noogie from Jack.

“You two cut it out back there,“ Loraine said through a fit of giggles.

“See you later man, have a nice summer,” Mike said to Jack as he left the bus.

“You’re not getting rid of me that easy, I’m coming over first thing tomorrow morning you hear,” Jack shouted out the window as the bus pulled away. Mike shook his head and went inside.

“Wakey wakey sleepy head,” Jack said and pounced on Mike.

“Ugh get off me you spaz. What time is it anyways?” Mike said through a yawn.

“Eight in the morning,” Jack said.

“Fuck no. It’s too early to deal with you. Don’t ya know it’s like against the law to be up before noon during Summer Vacation,” Mike said as he pulled the covers over his head and then shoved the blonde off him.

“Oh no you don’t,” Jack said and began tickling Mike’s feet.

“You little shit this means war,” Mike said then pulled Jack on top of him and wrapped his legs around the boy’s stomach.

“Hey what the…“ Jack tried to say but was cutoff when Mike put him in a side headlock.

“I rule you bitch and don’t you forget it,” Mike said then released Jack. The boys pulled apart huffing then sat catching their breath.

“So what are we gonna do today?” Jack said stretching out on the bed next to Mike.

“Same thing we do everyday Pinky, try to take over the world,” Mike said tossing a pillow at Jack. The other boy groaned and soon an all out pillow fight ensued.

“Truce,” Mike said and took a hit from his inhaler. The pair sprawled out on Mike’s bed and fell into a comfortable silence. Then Jack’s hand brushed against Mike and he freaked out.

“Relax accidents happen, no biggie,” Mike said and ruffled Jack’s hair.

“So are you gonna spend all day in just your boxers?” Jack said smirking.

“Like you aren’t enjoying the free show,” Mike shot back and kicked Jack’s leg.

“Hey watch it Bigfoot,” Jack said swatting Mike on his knee.

“Well you know what they say about guys with big feet.”

“Ha, you’re not that big.”

“Bigger than yours,” Mike said arching his eyebrow.

“And when the hell did you see my cock, huh?”

“In the bathroom the morning after you groped me.”

“Oh,” Jack said lowering his head before continuing, “About that, look let’s just forget it ever happen, OK?”

“That’s gonna hard seeing how I was scarred for life,” Mike said

“Please you drama queen it wasn’t that bad,” Jack said tossing a pillow Mike’s way.

“I’m not talking about that numb nut. My mom gave me the sex talk after you left. You have no idea how awkward that was.”

“God I would have just died if that was me. So Like what she say.”

“Just to kept it in my pants until college and if not go to her and she’ll get me condoms. She also said all the weird stuff about guys messing around together and basically asked if I was gay. I corrected her right then 'cuz my ass is exit only. Speaking of which why’d you cop a feel on my Johnson?”

“I was just curious, OK? Never saw a guy with all that skin, plus you’re like the first black guy I ever seen. I’m not gay I swear, I mean don’t you ever wonder how you compare to other guys?” Jack said hoping Mike would believe him.

“I mean yeah I was curious when I saw yours, but that’s because it’s so weird looking.”

“How is it weird looking huh?” Jack said as his face began to flush.

“Duh it’s freaking hot pink.”

“No it’s not you shit head. I’ll whip it out and prove it to you,” Jack said unbuttoning his pants.

“No thanks maybe later, now come on. I’m so gonna kick your ass in Call of Duty today,” Mike said firing up his PS3.

“In your dreams dude I’m so pwning your ass,” Jack said grabbing a controller and they spent the rest of the day trying to blow the other’s head off and when it was time for Jack to leave Mike pulled him into a one armed hug. Jack left that day grinning from ear to ear. Over the following weeks the boys became inseparable: every day at 8AM sharp the blonde bounded into Mike’s room and woke him by tickling his feet then the pair wrestled around until Mike put him into a submission hold and the rest of the day was spent with video games and TV. On the days Mike had Martial Arts Jack would be there waiting for him on the couch when he got home. Jack never gave up on his quest to win Mike’s heart and so when they were alone he’d do things to get the boy’s attention. He’d streak around the room, moon the other boy, or flash his cock. To which Mike would tell him to cover his skinny ass and stop acting so gay. Jack would turn it around on him and ask why Mike always looked if he didn’t like the view. Once he even woke Mike up by rubbing his bare ass on the boy’s morning wood—Jack couldn’t sit for a week after the spanking Mike gave him and never tried that again. The blonde was losing all hope he’d ever make any progress with Mike then his luck changed.

“You’re late,” Jacked pouted then tackled Mike and began tickling him.

“OK, OK I missed you too now stop it,” Mike said pinning Jack under him then rubbing the blonde’s face in his sweaty pits.

“Dude that’s rank, let me go,” Jack said trying to fight Mike off him.

“Not ‘til you say it.”

“I’m your bitch and you own me,” Jack sputtered out in between gagging. Mike released him and tossed him a coke.

“To answer your question we had a belt ranking test in Karate and I made black belt, woot!” Mike said fists pumping in the air as he did a victory dance.

“Congrats how ‘bout we celebrate with a sleepover?”

“How’s about a blow job instead?” Mike said causing Jack’s jaw to drop.


“Ha, no I’m joking. You should know that by now. As much time as your ass is over here we should be charging ya rent,” Mike said then turned the TV to Sports Center.

“Yeah, ha ha,” Jack said playing along, “So tell me can you cum yet?”

“I’ve been shooting since I was 11.”

“Bullshit I didn’t start making cum ‘til I was your age. No way you could cum before me,” Jack said getting in Mike’s face.

“Oh yeah motherfucker I’ll prove it, come on,” he said dragging Jack to his room and locking the door.

“Why so serious? Dude I was just breaking your balls a bit.”

“Shut up and watch,” Mike said as he pulled down his shorts and began jacking off. Jack looked on mesmerized as the boy’s fist worked over the bulbous head and shaft, eyes closed. Jack hesitated then joined the black boy on the bed, taking his 3.5 inches in hand. Mike turned and they locked eyes, then both smiled and continued stroking, their thighs rubbing against each other. The only sounds in the room were their husky breaths and skin slapping against skin. Mike felt the familiar tingling sensation begin in his toes and work its way to his balls. His breath hitched then his orgasm was upon him.

“Oh fuck!” he said arching his back and firing off two massive spurts of cum. The sight was too much for Jack to handle and he erupted, sending three impressive spurts on to his pale stomach. Jack and Mike turned to each other, nodded and the race was on again. Jack reached over and grabbed Mike’s five inches. Mike pulled the blonde into his lap then wrapped his hands around their erections and began pumping. Soon sweat rolled down their faces as Mike brought them closer to the point of no return. Jack tried to hold back his orgasm, but the combined sensations were too much and he fired his second load of the day. Mike’s wad joined Jack’s not long after and they retreated to opposite sides of the bed.

“That was fucking awesome,” Jack said panting.

“Yeah and if you tell anyone, I’ll break your neck,” Mike said then they drifted off. Their slumber was interrupted by Shelia pounding on the door.

“Fuck,” Mike whispered and the boys scrambled to get presentable.

“I’ve been knocking for the past ten minutes, go wash up dinner’s ready and Jack’s mother will be here to get him shortly.”

“Sorry Mom we were wrestling and then kind of fell asleep,” Mike said rubbing the back of his head.

“OK now get cleaned up and after dinner you air out this room. It smells like a locker room in here,” Shelia said wrinkling her nose.

The next day they were sitting on the couch watching TV when Jack began squirming in his seat.

“What’s your malfunction Pinky?”Mike said looking at the boy from the corner of his eye.

“Nothing it’s just about yesterday, umm do you wanna do it again?” Jack said with a hopeful smile splay across his face.

“No, it was a onetime thing,” Mike said coldly and turned back to the TV.

“Come on, you liked it and want to do it again. I won’t tell nobody, honest. On my honor I swear to God. Cross my heart and hope to die. If I lie stick a needle in my eye,” Jack said pantomiming each verse.

“What are you like 5 and the answer’s still no doofus,” Mike said in between fits of laughter.

“Ha ha very funny, I’ll be 14 in November mister smart ass. Come on don’t make me have to bust out the pinky swear on your ass.”

“You’re too cute, but forget about it,” Mike said in his best mobster impersonation. Jack sighed and grabbed the remote from Mike and flipped the channel off ESPN. The pair fell into silence as they watched a Buffy rerun, but Jack began concocting a devilish plan.

The next day when Jack came over he brought his lap top and “accidentally” clicked on a porn movie while showing Mike some of his games. On the screen came a busty blonde being gang banged by three hung black guys. Mike licked his lips as he watched cock after cock violate her holes. Jack played along throwing in an occasional, “Oh yeah, take that dick.” all the while his hand had been inching up Mike’s leg, until it rested on the boy’s thigh. The blonde took a deep breath then placed it on Mike’s erection and waited. The boy’s eyes remained glued to screen so he began massaging Mike’s crotch. Jack face broke out into a huge grin when the other boy spread his legs, and seconds later he had the chocolate member in hand. Mike moaned as Jack worked his shaft and played with his foreskin then pushed his hands away.

“What’s wrong?” Jack said preparing for the worst. Mike didn’t respond right away, but Jack could see him struggling to catch his breath and retrieved his inhaler.

“You OK?”

“Yeah, just didn’t expect it to feel so good,” Mike said placing his inhaler back on the dresser.

“So you want me to continue?”

“Fuck yeah let’s get naked,” Mike said and their clothes were on the floor. The porno lay long forgotten as they ground their members into each other. Mike rolled on top of Jack and yanked the boy’s rosy butt into him as he mashed their crotches together. Jack’s fingers dug deep into Mike back trying to increase the glorious friction. Mike gasped and was the first to shoot, but neither boy stopped their ferocious humping until they came a second, then third time.

“That was the best dude,” Jack said then promptly fell asleep, using Mike’s chest as a pillow. Once his post coital bless wore off Mike looked down at the blonde slumbering peacefully and couldn’t help but think, Oh my God what have I done! As distressed as the boy was it didn’t stop him and Jack from repeating this ritual every chance they got. Of course Mike always made Jack swear to a million oaths of secrecy upon penalty of death before hand. Jack was a good sport and went through with it for the first week or so then had enough.

“Mike this is ridiculous, are you seriously gonna make me do this every time? I, Jack Moses Johnson do here by swear under penalty of the most brutal death never to reveal what happens between us,” he said with his pinky intertwined with Mike’s. From then on when Mike was feeling horny he’d turn to Jack and say, “Are you pondering, what I’m pondering Pinky?” and they’d exchange a smile and dash to the bedroom. As with all good things Summer Vacation came to an end.

“Hey Mike you ready for school on Monday?”

“Does a fat bitch love salads?”

“Ha ha fucker, anyways I was thinking and it struck me we’ve been hanging all summer and ya never been to my house. Want to sleepover this weekend?”

“Well Dad would be happy to have you out of the house plus I get to raid your porn collection—hey how come you waited so long to ask?”

“Kind of hard to think with all the blood in my other head,” Jack said wiggling his pinky.

“Not my fault you’re a sex fiend,” Mike said and nudged Jack’s shoulder.

“Cut the crap and get your shit, cunt face.”

“Well aren’t you feisty today, did you clear this rendezvous with the parents?”

“Yeah your mom said something about Marvin Gaye and Berry White, whatever that means. Now get your stuff my mom will be here in like ten minutes,” Jack said agitation creeping into his voice.

“Oh God that’s parent speak for they’re going to screw—ew!” Mike groaned and hauled ass to his room.

“That was fast,” Jack said when Mike returned three minutes later.

“That’s what she said to you,” Mike shot back, dodging Jack’s fist.

“Aw did I hurt your feelings Pinky?”

“Not funny ass swipe,” Jack said as he dove on top of Mike and they wrestled on the couch. Just then Ms. Johnson honked her horn and the boys pulled apart.

“So you finally decided to grace us with your presence. Jack here has been talking nonstop about Mike this and that, when he’s home that is.”

“Mom knock it off Mike’s a great guy. And I go where I’m loved, right dude?” Jack said flashing his smile.

“Right, I love ya like a bullet to the brain.”

“Hey!” Jack said shoving Mike.

“Ha-ha, well dear don’t ask a question if you’re not prepared for the answer,” Ms Johnson said. The rest of the ride was spent with the boys shoving each other while Samantha laughed at their antics. Shortly after they arrived at Jack’s house Mr. Johnson called with urgent news and after a brief conversation Samantha turned to the boys with a pensive expression on her face. Jack’s mother explained she and Mr. Johnson had to leave immediately on a business and would be gone until Monday morning.

“What about my parents they’re going to freak when they found you’re not going to be here,” Mike moaned.

“Nonsense they’ll be happy to have you out the house a bit longer, and besides Jack can use the help with the twins. Lord knows Kaden and Jaden would burn down the house if given half a chance. Well off you go boys, and it was a pleasure to meet you Michael.”

“The pleasure was mine Ma’am,” Mike said as he took Ms Johnson’s hand and kissed it.

“Oh my, aren’t you a little gentleman, maybe you’ll rub off on ole Jack here. Well inside, Jim’s waiting for you to take over twin duty.”

“Laying it on a bit thick back there, don’t you think?” Jack said glaring at Mike.

“You’re just jealous she likes me better than you,” Mike said then stuck out his tongue.

“Let’s see how you feel about my mom after a weekend with Satan’s spawn.”

“They can’t be that bad.”

“They’re evil I tell you, evil,” Jack said as they entered the living room. Mr. Johnson greeted the boys and then high tailed it out to the car, and then the twins came barreling around the corner.

“Jack we misseded you bunches,“ the seven-year-olds said then proceeded to smother him in kisses.

“Ok squirts, off,” he said prying the boys off him while Mike looked on and laughed.

“Oh they’re evil alright.”

“Don’t let their looks fools you, right now they’re plotting our demise,” Jack said dead seriously.

“I’m scared—not!”

“You will be, you will be,” Jack said prying Kaden off him leg again. And it was at that point the twins noticed Mike.

“Hey what’s he doing here?” Jaden said glowering at Mike.

“Yeah! Why didn’t you bring over someone white like Mitchell Alan’s brother—yeah Mitch says all black people are crooks—and have big thingies,” the twins said breaking off into a fit of giggles. Jack was about to chastise them when he saw Mike tense up and clinch his fists.

“Hey calm down dude they don’t know any better,” he said rubbing Mike’s back. The twin noticed and giggled again.

“Are you guys gay?” Jaden said then Kaden continued, “Mitch says guys who touch each other are gay, so are ya boyfriends?”

“No!” the older boys said.

“Listen here you little shits go to your room until I call you for dinner. And if you come out before then I will beat your asses raw. Now march,” Jack said through gritted teeth. The twins stared at Jack then complied, but not before they huddled together. The boys retreated to Jack’s room and lounged on his bed where they talked about school on Monday, life and random things until Jack brought what the twins said:

“Look Kaden and Jaden don’t know what they’re talking about. We’re just two dudes helping each other out. Nothing gay about that, right?”

“I mean yeah I guess so. My mom said guys mess around together even when they’re not gay, but like I just don’t want anyone to know and think I’m a fag,” Mike said turning towards Jack.

“Yeah I get that, but would you ever let a guy blow you?” Jack said whispering the last part.


“Would you ever let a guy blow you,” he said louder and began blushing.

“I don’t know that’s too gay for me. Hypothetically speaking, it would have to be someone I knew wouldn’t tell and there’d have to be no risk of getting caught. Then maybe I’d consider it.”

“Can I blow you?”

The question hung in the air as the pair locked eyes. Mike was conflicted, sure he could rationalize away their humping sessions as the byproduct of porn and hormones, but this was 100 percent gay sex. He stared at Jack’s pouty red lips and wondered why the blonde wanted to do such a thing. However he couldn’t but also wonder what those lips would feel like wrapped around his cock.

“Ok but on two conditions: first you stop if I don’t like it and second you tell me why you want to do it?”

“You’re my friend and I want to make you feel good.”

“OK,” Mike said grinning from ear to ear. There was a stagnant pause as they waited for the other to make the first move, Jack waddle to the door and locked it tight while Mike shucked off his jeans and T shirt and sprawled on the bed clad in only his Hanes and socks. Jack approached the bed with a million thoughts racing through his head: what if Mike didn’t like it; what if he didn’t like Jack after; what if Jack messed up and what if he thought Jack was gay and told everyone? With his heart about to burst through his chest Jack lay down next to Mike and said, “Can we just hump instead?”

“Sure dude,” Mike said and they both breathed a sigh of relief.

Later that night after the boys dined on Jimmy John’s subs and put the twin to bed with further threats of bodily harm should they disturb the older boys, Mike and Jack whiled the hours away playing Halo until Jack got bored.

“What do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know. Um, look Mike would you ever tell anybody if I did blow you?”

“Of course not man, why? You still want to do it?”

“Maybe, but I have a condition of my own.”


“You’d have to blow me too,” Jack said looking the other boy directly in the eye.

“No way!”

“Think about it this way, neither of us could tell on the other.”

“Fine but I’ll only do it for like thirty seconds, deal?”

“Deal, but you go first.”

“Why do I have to go first?”

“So you don’t back out on me after ya cum, that’s why smart ass,” Jack said shoving Mike in the ribs. Damn it, Mike thought as he’d planned to do exactly that. Mike’s hands shook as he pulled Jack’s Fruit of the Looms down and grasped the pink tube. He hesitated and gave the shaft a few licks of his tongue, eliciting moans from the blonde. Mike closed his eyes as his lips made contact with the head then stopped. He took a deep then engulfed half of the boy’s hard shaft. Jack issued a sharp cry when Mike’s teeth grazed his head. After five slow bobs of his head Mike stopped and announced it was Jack’s turn.

“Oh come on it was just getting good.”

“That was more than 30 seconds and you know it, my turn bitch,” Mike said reclining on the bed with his arms behind his head. Jack complained about having a major case of blue balls as he crawled between the brown boy’s splayed legs and took hold of the hard member. He retracted the foreskin then dove down on the shaft, gagging as the head hit the back of his mouth. He pulled back, sucking on only the first two inches or so and worked the rest with his hand. It took a while to get a rhythm going. Mike had gone soft twice and was about to tell Jack to stop when finally he got the hang of it and sent Mike over the edge in under a minute.

“Fuck, why didn’t you warn me, that shit tastes nasty,” Jack said after he spat Mike’s load out and then brushed his teeth.

“Sorry there wasn’t time,” The black boy said then laughed.

“You’re not funny shit head, and at least I’m not a minute man like you.”

“Hey it was my first time, I couldn’t help it. Bet I last way longer next time ass wipe,” Mike said and shoved Jack in the chest.

“Oh really and who says they’ll be a next time?”

“Please you know you want this dick,” Mike said flicking his semi hard on.

“Wanna go again then?” Jack said smirking.

“Do I have to blow ya too?”

“Naw, consider this a freebie dude.”


Jack repositioned himself between Mike’s legs making sure to grabbed a dirty T shirt from the floor to spit into. Instantly The other boy began a steady chant of, “Oh my God,” as Jack sucked him ever so slowly. Mike’s hand found the blonde’s head and he drove his cock deep into Jack’s throat. Jack tried pulling back but Mike’s grip was too tight. Just when Jack thought he might have to bite the boy’s penis to breathe again the bedroom door burst open. There standing in the doorway giggling were the twins. Mike and Jack pulled apart and tried to cover up, but it was clear they’d been caught when Jaden said, “Gross, Jack had his mouth on Mike’s thingy. I’m telling Mom.” At those words Mike began hyperventilating.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Jack said then went to comfort Mike. Ten minutes later the four were gathered in living room. Mike though calmer was still visible shaken up as he paced the room, with his fists clasped behind his back. The twin meanwhile had been running around the couch while jack tried to make them sit still. Mike had enough and grabbed each of them by the scruff of their necks and placed them on the couch.

“Thanks,” Jack said to Mike before he rounded on the twins, “You two are grounded for the rest of the weekend and if I so much as hear a peep from you before Monday morning I’m going to beat you within an inch of death!”

“Nu huh, you aint doing nothing to us—yeah or we telling Mom what we seen,” Kaden finished for Jaden.

“What you saw was private. You shits had no right barging into my room like that. Go ahead tell we’ll just deny it and say you’re lying,” Jack said folding his arms across his chest.

“We have proofs,” Jaden said flashing them his digital camera. Mike dashed towards him but he’d already passed it off to Kaden who was heading downstairs. Mike gave chase but by the time he caught with him the camera was nowhere in sight. Jack and Mike spent the rest of the night tearing the twin’s room a part but there was sign it anywhere. The boys were awoken the next day by the twins dousing them with good water.

“What the fuck?” Mike said as he took of his soaked shirt.

“Time for the slaves to get up,”Jaden replied in his sing song voice.

“Slaves?” the boys said together staring at each other. Kaden then came in and explained how if they wanted the camera Mike And jack had to do whatever they said for rest of the weekend, along with allowing them to go naked whenever their parents weren’t home. Mike agreed but soon regretted it when Kaden asked to see his penis. After Jack convinced him things would go smoother if they just complied Mike flashed them his member.

“Hey!” Mike said as the boys grabbed his penis and began playing with the foreskin. Against his will he hardened causing the twins to giggle. Mike closed his eyed and wished this were all a nightmare, but as they batted his erection back and forth laughing, he knew this hell had just begun. For the rest of the weekend the twins made Mike and Jack stay naked and perform ever increasing humiliating acts. The Johnsons arrived home late Sunday night ending the twins’ reign of terror, for the moment.

“You get the camera?”

“Yeah, deleted the picture, erased the memory card and made sure to search their computer for copies, so no chance of anyone seeing it again,” Jack said to Mike as they lay in bed.


“You’re taking this better than I thought. I told you they were the spawn of Satan.”

“More like eldritch abominations and don’t be fooled. I’m plotting their torture and your death.”

“You’re joking right? It wasn’t that bad,” Jack said trying to lighten the mood.

“Only partially, haven’t decided which part yet—and not that bad!? This weekend never happened, you don’t even think about it. We take it to our graves, understood?”

“OK, but don’t hurt them. They’re just kids.”

“After what they did, I’m going to break them,” Mike said and the pair drifted off to sleep.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Mike said when Jack sat down next to him in home room. Jacked glared back at him and shoved his schedule before Mike. The other boy checked his and groaned when he realized not only did they have room together, but all their classes too.

“Hey it's not my fault they stuck us together all day, not that I’m complaining mind ya. So are you OK?”Jack said as he leaned into Mike.

“No man, I’m pretty fucking far from OK,” he said shoving Jack off him. Jack grabbed Mike and whispered into his ear so no one could overhear him:

“Look asshole I’m mad too, they made me drink their piss so quit acting like a douche and let’s try to get along.”

“Fine ,but keep your hands to your fucking self,” Mike said and turned away from him. Jack glared back at Mike and for the rest of home room they didn’t speak until Jack broke the silence half way through first period.

“I’m sorry didn't I mean for us to get caught.”

“But we did because you Jedi mind tricked me into it even after I told you I didn’t want to do it!” Mike said unintentionally raising his voice.

“Boys, is there something you want to share with the class?” Ms. Kelly said.

“No Ma’am. I was just telling that since we have the same schedule I’ll help him out with his homework,” Mike said after he stood up and clasped his hands behind his back.

“Very well dear, but keep it down next time and no need to be so formal. You’re making me feel old,” she said smiling.

“Sorry Ma’am, force of habit Ma’am,” Mike said as he sat down. Jack turned him and whispered, “Nice cover soldier boy,”

“Put a sock in it Pinky or the only thing you’ll be sucking on is my fist,” Mike said through gritted teeth as he continued to smile at Ms Kelly. Jack clinched his fist and turned away as a tear trailed down his face. The boys didn’t speak for the rest of rest of the day so it came quite a shock to Jack when Mike departed the bus with him.

“What the fuck?”

“I’m a man of my words and will help you with your homework, plus I get to spend time with the twin.”

“You want to spend time with them?” Jack said dumbstruck.

“Oh yes they have no idea what’s in store for them,” Mike said his face twisted into menacing grin.

“You’re starting to scare me dude, you said you wouldn’t hurt them,” Jack said staring down Mike.

“I’m not, just giving them a bit of tough love,” Mike said and walked into the house. Jim Johnson was just about to have a nervous breakdown when the boys showed up. He briefly explained that he and Ms Johnson had been called to another business meeting and wouldn’t home until late that night and rushed out the door as he was already twenty minutes late. The twins bounded into the living room and pounced on Jack again. After he pried them off him they stripped naked.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Put your clothes back on right now!” Mike said drawing their attention.

“Nuh huh you can't tell us what to do,” Jaden said stick out his tongue.

“Yeah and what’s he doing here again, Kaden said as he gave mike a dirty look.

“My name is Mike and while I’m here you will do what I say or you will be punished, is that clear?”

“Shut up or we’ll have Mitch’s brother beat you up—yeah he knows Karate,” the twins said.

“Go right ahead. Tell Ryan, Mike says hi and prepare to get his ass kicked on Wednesday. Tell me who’s older?”

“I am by 3 minutes,” Jaden said and did a little dance. Mike smirked and put the next phase of his plan into action.

“Listen up from now on Jaden you’re Thing 2 and Kaden you’re Thing 1, T2 and T1 for short. Is that understood?” Mike said getting in their faces. The twins backed away and hid behind Jack. As Mike approached them Jack blocked his way.

“Explain yourself right now!”

“Stand down,” Mike said an inch from his face. Jack dropped his crutches and tackled mike to the grounds and the pair rolled around on the ground then Mike put Jack in a rear naked choke hold.

“Don’t fight me on this Pinky. I’m going to let you go now, but if you interfere again it’s lights out,” Mike said then walked over to the twins. Jaden and Kaden had been huddled together crying their eyes out as they watched Jack’s face go red then his eyes close. They calmed down once they saw his eyes open and get back on his feet.

“Don’t touch me!” Jack said as Mike tried to steady him.

“When you calm down I’ll explain, but right now I have more important things to deal with,” Mike said then rounded on the twins, "As for you two, when I ask you a question you will respond: yes or no sir. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” they said crying even more.

“Good, now sit down and be quiet while Jack and I do our homework. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” they said and plopped down in front of the TV where Mike pointed. Without a word Jack and Mike got their text books and sat on the couch. Twenty minutes went by when Kaden got up and started running around the couch.

“T1 sit down now!” Mike said as he stood up. Kaden stopped for a second then continued running around. Not fazed by this Mike went over to Jaden.

“Hey Jaden do you like wrestling?”

“Yeah!” he said smiling big.

“That’s yes sir T2.”

“Yes sir,” he said beginning to cry.

“Since you’ve been following orders like a good solider I’ll show you a few moves, but stop that crying.”

“Yes sir,” Jaden said and wiped away his tears.

“Not so fast, you have to promise not to use them on anyone but me and continue to be good, understand?” Mike said getting down on his knees.

“Yes sir,” he said nodding his head and grinning from ear to ear.

“ This is a move my dad taught me,” Mike said putting Jaden’s arm behind his back then pressing him face down to the ground with his other hand. The boy tensed up at first but relaxed when he realized he was I danger. Mike let him go then had him try the move. Jack looked on the scene and laughed as tiny Jaden tried to get his hands around Mike’s arm. Kaden meanwhile had stopped running around and watched as Mike showed Jaden how to do an arm bar.

“Hey I wanna play too!” he said walking towards them, hands on his hips and pouting his lips. Mike stopped playing with Jaden and barked at Kaden to go stand in the corner for disobeying him, but he refused. Mike turned to Jaden and told him they couldn’t wrestle anymore because Kaden was being bad.

“But why am I being punished?” he whined.

“That’s why am I being punished, sir. A unit is only as strong as its weakest member and if one of you fails to follow orders, all of you will be punished. Is that clear?” Mike said shooting Jack a piercing look.

“But that’s not fair!”

“T2 did I ask what you thought? No! And if you don’t want to be punished tell T1 to get with the program.”

Jaden scrunched up his face then marched over to his brother and pulled him into a huddle. The boys whispered back and forth then Jaden pulled out of the huddle and fixed his brother with a death glare. Kaden returned the look then pouted and said, “You doo-doo head.” then went to the corner, stomping his felt the whole way. He turned and gave Jack a pleading looking, but Mike told him couldn’t help him.

“I’m telling my mommy on you,” Kaden said narrowing his blue eyes at Mike.

“Shut up and stop being bad!” Jaden said as he stared down his brother. Kaden gave his him a hurt look then faced wall. Mike congratulated Jaden and then taught him new move. He grappled with the boy until they were out of breath.

“That’s all for today squirt, now come seat with me while I finish my homework,” Mike said picking up Jaden.

“Aw man I still wanna play,” he whined.

“If you continue to follow orders like a good soldier I’ll show you a new move tomorrow, but you can’t show T1 the ones I already showed you. And if you’re bad while I’m gone then no more wrestling, ever. Is that understood?” Mike said smiling down the boy in his arms.

“Yes sir,” Jaden said and hugged him. The pair settled on the couch next to Jack. Little Jaden’s naked butt wiggled in Mike’s lap as he cuddled with the boy in between doing problem sets. Jack looked on the scene with mixed emotions. He hadn’t forgiven Mike for choking him out and being an ass to the twins, though he couldn’t argue with the results. Jaden had always been the more reserved twin letting Kaden do the talking for them since he had a speech problem. He’d freeze up mid sentence struggling get the right words out and Kaden would a jump in and talk for him. So when the docile boy not only stood up to Kaden, but told him to be quiet Jack was shocked. As he watched his brother hug closer into Mike he felt a rage like nothing he could remember. That should be him in Mike’s lap. He should be the one laughing while Mike tickled his feet and messes up his hair. Jack felt a knot in the pit of his stomach form and the longer he watched them the more sick he felt. Mike caught his eye after a prolonged glace and said, “You OK Pinky?”

“No this algebra shit is confusing. Can’t we go back to last year when letters were just letters and were just numbers?” he said trying to hold back the tears he felt coming.

“Bullshit, what’s really wrong?”

“Nothing. Just help me with this problem OK?” Jack said pointing at a random question on the page.

“You just have to follow PEMDAS, collect like terms and solve for x.”

“Huh,” Jack said.

“You know the order of operation.”

“Oh I always remember as please excuse my dear aunt sally. And what was that stuff about like terms?”

“Just put everything with an x on one side and everything else on the other side of the equation,” Mike said.

“Thanks,” Jack said and turned his head discreetly wiping away his tears. Mike returned to his work and twenty minutes later both boys announced they were finished. Mike suggested they go play Halo together. Jaden shouted yay, drawing Kaden’s attention.

“Hey can I play too?” he said turning around.

“That’s may I play too, sir. And no you may not! You will stand there facing the wall until I come get you. Is that clear T1?”

“But that’s not fair!”

“T1 shut up and turn around right now!”


“Right now is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” Kaden said bursting into tears and turning around.

“And stop it, soldiers don’t cry. They tough it out and get the job done no matter what.”

“That’s enough Mike. You’re acting like a complete asshole right now!” Jack said as he walked towards him.

“Stand down soldier, or I will put you down!” Mike said getting so close to Jack their noses pressed together. Jack made to hit him with one of his crutches, but Mike grabbed his arm then turned his head and whispered into Jack's ear.

“Everything will make sense later I promise, but right now I need you to go to your room. Please Pinky."

Jack resisted at first but yielded when he saw Mike’s eyes tear up. Once he was alone with the twins Mike sat Kaden on his lap.

“Listen to me squirt: Do you know why I yelled at Jack? I did it because he disobeyed a direct order from me and had to be punished, understand?”

“Yes sir. Do you hate him?” Jaden said drying his eyes on Mike's shirt.

“No I don’t hate him, or any of you. I’m just mad at him for not getting with the program. Now come on, let’s go play.”

“OK, but what about him,” he said pointing to Kaden.

“We’ve covered this. He’s been bad and can’t play, now scoot," Mike said and tapped Jaden on his butt.


“Well if you weren’t naked that wouldn’t have hurt,” Mike said then ruffled Jaden‘s hair then said, “Ha ha now you have butt hair.” The boy began rubbing his hair until Mike told him he was just joking. They walked hand in hand to Jack’s room and the trio spent the next hour trying to slaughter each other until Mike hit the pause button on his controller and said he was going to check on Kaden.

“T1 eyes front and ears open! Have you been facing the wall like I told you?” Mike barked at the trembling boy. Kaden hesitated a bit then shook his head yes.

“Are you sure about that?”

The boy looked down at his feet then shook his head and began to cry.

“Kaden look at me, you told the truth and I’m proud of you. Come on we need to have a talk,OK?” Mike said dropping down to Kaden’s level and extending his hand. The boy was confused by the sudden change in behavior and cautiously accepted the hand.

“OK squirt, park it on my lap. You don’t like being left out do you?” Mike said, to which Kaden shook his head.

“Well every time you act up you’re going in the corner and when you follow orders you’ll be rewarded, is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” he said sniffling.

“Since you’ve been behaving, when I come over tomorrow I’ll show you three wrestling moves. But you have to be good when I go home. And you can’t use them on anyone except me, is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” Kaden said. Mike picked him up and tossed him up in the air then tickled him until he was crying tears of laughter.

“Having fun?”


“OK let’s go kick Jaden and Jack’s butt,” Mike said and carried the giggling boy into Jack’s room. Two hours later Jack sent the twins to go play so he and Mike could talk.

“What the hell is your problem?”

“My problem is you don’t know how to follow orders, but more importantly you undermined my authority and I will not stand for it. Is that clear?” Mike said standing to his feet and getting right in Jack’s face.

“Back up off me right now, Jack said and shoved him. Mike didn’t hold back and before Jack knew what hit him he was slammed to the ground.

“When I ask you a question you will answer yes or no sir. And when I give you a direct order you will follow it or end up like this. Is that clear?”

“Let me fucking go you psycho!” Jack said as he thrashed around.

“I said is that clear?” Mike said and pressed Jack’s face into the ground. The blonde began a steady stream of death threats.

“Leave our brother alone,” the twins said after storming into the room.

“Go back in the living now!” Mike said causing them to burst into tears. Kaden complied immediately but, Jaden remain rooted to the spot. He wiped his eyes then stepped forward and said, “Please don’t hurt Jack.”

“T2,” Mike began but then faltered. Every instinct told him to chew out the boy for disobeying him, but Jaden’s words shook him up.

“I don’t want to hurt Jack but he has to be punished for insubordination, understand? “

“No sir,” Jaden said with a puzzled look on his face.

“It means he failed to follow orders. I’m proud you squirt. A soldier defends country and family until his last breath. Now go into the living room and I promise to let Jack go.”

“Nuh huh you’re lying.”

“Jaden, have I lied to you since I’ve been here?” Mike said pausing for the boy to think, and when Jaden shook his head he continued, “So why would I now? A soldier keeps his promises and finishes what he starts.”

“Ok but let Jack go first.”

Mike released himand the moment Jaden left Jack exploded.

“Leave right now and never come back. I don’t know what the fuck your problem is but you’re not our dad so stop acting like you are. And what the hell is all that soldier crap about?”

“I’ll tell you, but you have to calm down first, is that clear?”

“Calm down? What part of leave don’t you get,” Jack said and got in Mike’s face.

“I’m not going anywhere and you’re going to learn your place starting now.”

Mike grabbed Jack’s shoulders and shoved him backwards, but Jack grabbed him and the two squared off forehead to forehead. Neither would back down and Mike was surprised when Jack began pushing back. He redoubled his effort, sweat beginning to run down into his eyes. With a final shove Jack’s ankles buckled and he was flung backwards on to his bed. Before he had a chance to recover Mike straddled Jack's waist and placed his hand on the boy’s chest. He was gasping for breath by this time and struggled to reach the inhaler in his pocket while keeping Jack pinned under him with his other hand.

“Let me go. I fucking hate you!” Jack said trying to get up but failing. Mike managed to get his inhaler and took two puffs from it and waited to catch his breath. He rolled Jack onto his stomach then wrapped his arms around him.

“Calm down Pinky,” Mike said and pulled him up against his chest hugging him tight. Jack fought him and screamed at the top of his lungs for Mike to release him but he just sat there. The twins came back in and upon seeing Jack panicked.

“Liar! You said you’d let Jack go,” Jaden said glaring at Mike.

“I didn’t lie and I’m not hurting him. Both of you sit down and watch.” The twins looked at each other then sat on the floor. Jack continued trying to free himself and vowed Mike a slow death. Mike continued rocking him in his arms until Jack began sobbing.

“Shh, Pinky. I know you’re confused right now, but I need you to stop crying,” Mike said stroking Jack’s hair.

“Why ‘cuz soldiers don’t cry right?” Jack said getting agitated. Mike sighed and turned Jack so he was facing him. Jack turned his head away and tried to pullback from him. Mike maintained a one handed hug on the boy and with the other he titled Jack’s chin so their eyes were level. Jack immediately averted his gaze and pulled back again.

“Look at me Pinky,” Mike said and waited for their eyes to meet. Jack raised his gaze, but instead of the cold hatred he expected to see, Mike’s brown eyes looked back at him radiating joy.

“You’re scaring the twins so stop it shit head,” Mike said then kissed Jack’s forehead. They locked eyes again and Jack felt himself torn in two. One half wanted to strangle Mike, but the other wanted to hold him tight and never let go. Mike’s gaze never left Jack’s until the boy cuddled into his chest. Mike lay back on the bed carrying Jack with him then went back to stroking his hair.

“Can we lie down with you?” the twins said.

“No right now I’m with Jack, but later we’ll all watch TV together,” Mike said.

“OK,” the twins said and sat back down.

“You see Pinky the moment you calmed down so did they because you’re the man of the house when your dad’s not around, and they take their cues from you. The problem is you’re beta so they walk all over you. And you want to know why, because your father is in dereliction of his duty not as a man. He’s soft and never showed you how to be alpha but more importantly he never established dominance. Today was all about me coming in breaking your program and establishing myself as the alpha male of this pack.”

“Alpha male, establishing dominance, pack, what the hell are you on,” Jack said getting more confused by the second.

“Look this is already hard enough as it is without you interrupting me so let me get through this part then you can ask me all the questions you want, OK?” Mike said and began rubbing Jack’s back.

“OK but you got some explaining to do,” Jack said as he cuddled closer into Mike.

“Within any group a leader always emerges, the alpha male, and he will only remain the leader if two conditions are met. First he sets up a clear system of punishments and rewards for following him and always follows through. He also must take on any threats to the pack, or his status as the alpha male and crush them,” Mike said. He paused and asked Kaden to get him a glass of water.

“That’s bull shit,” Jack said as he continued cuddling Mike.

“Thanks Kaden,” Mike said and ruffled the boy’s hair before continuing. “You think that, because you’re not one of us. You don’t know what it’s like to be told you have to fight your best friends, what it’s like to know how to kill a man with your bare hands before you’re old enough to shave. You don’t know what it’s like to be left in the woods for days on end with nothing but a utility knife and a canteen. You don’t know what it’s like to be told you have to find your way back to civilization using nothing but the stars and terrain as your guide, but I do,” Mike said then paused to take a sip of water.

“Whoa I had no idea, but who is this us you mentioned?” Jack said. Mike sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“That’s twice now you interrupted me and by all rights I should have choked you out five times today, but for some reason I don’t like seeing you upset or hurt. Standard protocol dictates I should have kept pushing you until you broke, but I’m treating you like the twins. I’ll only push so far then back off. As for acting like your dad, damn right I am because this weekend would never have happened if it weren’t him. You see the twins are like puppies. They’ll follow anyone they think will protect them until they’re old enough fend for their self. From the moment I came here they’ve been watching me to see if I’m friend or foe and once I showed them I’m the alpha male they began to behave. When you contradicted me you challenged that status and called their loyalty into question. And you don’t hate me. You resent me for coming in and doing what your dad failed to do and for taking your place,” Mike said and paused to take a drink then continued, “That other thing you’re feeling isn’t love I just made you imprint on me as your alpha male. Trust me I’ve done it enough to kids at boot camp to know.”

From there Mike explained how changing the twins’ name was all about psychological warfare and turning them against each and how he used wrestling as a reward when they complied. After a few more interruptions from Jack, which he responded to by tickling the boy until he agreed to be quiet, Mike told him about his training. Beginning at age three James took him into woods and made Mike find his way back to their camp. At first it was only few yards and James left markings on trees to show the way. As Mike got older he was left miles from base camp and expected to find his way in a limited time or he got beat and had do the whole thing over the next day twice as far. Following this James showed him how to track and hunt game and expected him to survive on his own for days and then weeks at a time. When he was six James introduced Mike to firearms by making him clean his guns then when was a little older showed him how to fire a .22 then progressed up to a .30-06. The first time he fire a riffled Mike wet himself he was so scared, but James kept pushing until finally he could hit the bulls eyes at 100 yards with 90% accuracy. Mike was a poor shoot at mid range and could only hit the target at close range consistently if he concentrated. Seeing this James put the boy into martial arts.

“Man that’s brutal, but why’d you stop?” Jack said looking up at Mike.

“I’m not supposed to tell outsiders about us, but I’ve broken protocol enough as it is. Before I get into the soldier stuff I have to tell you something so don’t interrupt. What the twins did to me this weekend is far out of line that, had I told my dad, sure he’d beat me but then you know what would have happened? He’d call up the guys and they’d make up a plan of action and then you’d go away and stay gone, because you don’t fuck with us. Now contrary to what you believe I do care about you and the twins. That’s why I’m doing this, but before I go into it you have to promise two things. You tell no one what I’m about to tell you and right here and now you agree to join us or I tell my dad,” Mike paused waiting for Jack to speak.

“I don’t know, what if this group of yours is a cult or something?"

“ Ha ha! Jack we’re not a cult and when you become one of us you’ll never be alone. No matter where you are just call one of us and we’ll drop everything to come help, because that’s who we are. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. If one of us jumps in, we all jump in. Do or die, Soldier Boys never try, we always fly high and get a piece of the pie,” Mike said grinning ear to ear.

“OK I guess if it’s not bad then yeah why not,” Jack said and Mike rubbed his head.

When he was 7 James introduced Mike to the sons of his Marine buddies and every year since then they’d meet up and have competitions to see whose son was the strongest. They would make the boys hunt, fish, wrestle around with their dogs, and then with each other. Their fathers called them the alpha elite, bred to be stronger faster and smarter than anyone else. Jack let this information soak in but couldn’t believe half of what he heard.

“Hey how come you didn’t go to this competition this summer?” Jack said.

“Because my mom said I needed regular friends. In exchange for me spending the summer hanging with you my dad made me cram two years of math. So how about we get dinner started I’m starving,” Mike said letting go of Jack.

From then on whenever Mike didn’t have martial arts practice he was over at Jack’s house giving them soldier lessons. He showed then the proper way to stand at attention, how to make their beds and fold their clothes. Jack’s parents noticed the change in the twins from day one and were ecstatic. Jack did contradict him from time to time and Mike had to take him down, but afterwards they always made up by cuddling. It was during these times they’d engage in sex play, with Jack always wanting to go further than Mike was comfortable with, but it became an unspoken rule that neither talked about it. This pattern continued until half way through the first semester when all the eighth grade boys were called to a special assembly in the gym.

“Listen up boys, today we will be covering a very important and sensitive topic, but I expect you to be on your best behavior. Is that understood?” Mr. Michaels the gym coach said then began his lecture on human reproduction. Over the next two hours he covered puberty, STDs, safe sex and sexuality.

“Now boys who you have sex with doesn’t determine your sexuality, who you fall in love with does. Now Franklin Middle School has a zero tolerance when it comes to bullying so if someone is picking on you because you’re gay or they think you’re gay go to the principal. Don’t listen to that bull about snitching being wrong, understood?”

“Yes sir,” they all responded.

“I don’t care what coach says, anyone who does anything with another guy is a fag. Isn’t that right Mike?” Ryan Allen said.

“Fuck you,” Mike said glaring at the red head.

“Oh come on everyone knows you and Jack are butt buddies and I’m exit only dude,” Ryan said smirking.

“And I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t shut up,” Mike said getting in his face.

“Jesus I was just kidding,” Ryan said backing away. For the rest of the day Ryan’s words ran through Mike’s head and he kept his distance from Jack. The other boy noticed, but didn’t say anything until they arrived at his house.

“What’s your problem? You’ve been acting weird since that assembly.”

“Nothing’s wrong. I just don’t think we should be all touchy feely.”

“Whatever man,” Jack said his hurt feeling creeping into his voice. Jack’s parents had to go on another business trip so when the boys got home the twins stripped naked the moment their parents left. Kaden sat in Mike’s lap while Jaden was in Jack’s. The boys settled in to do their homework and all was going good until Kaden grabbed at Mike’s penis. Mike lost it and pinned the boy face down on the couch and said:

“If you ever touch me there again I’ll break every bone in your body, now go get dressed and if you’re not back here in five minutes I’m coming to get you. And the same goes for you Jaden. Now move!”

“Don’t you ever put your fucking hands on my brothers again,” Jack said getting right in Mike’s face. The two squared off about to fight when the twins returned. Mike calmed down a bit then turned his attention to the boys.

“Kaden do you know why I got mad at you?” Mike said then paused for the boy to answer. When he shook his head Mike continued,”You touched me in a private place without my permission. No one is to touch you there unless you give them permission, understood?” Mike said shooting Jack a dirty look.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry,” Kaden said then hugged Mike.

“It’s OK, just don’t do it again and I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier. Now Jack and I need to have a talk so you two stay put and watch TV,” Mike said then headed to Jack’s room.

“What the fuck was that?” Jack said after he closed and locked his door.

“If your brother had tried that on anyone else they would have kicked his ass, so I had to make him know that is not appropriate behavior. Did I go a little overboard, maybe, but I got the message across. Now the other thing I wanted to talk to you about is us messing around. That stops today.”

“What? Why? I know you like it,” Jack said.

“Because it’s gay. You heard what Ryan said, people are already talking about us.”

“I’m sick of you always saying this is gay and that is gay. Well news flash: I’m gay,” Jack said getting in Mike’s face.

“Then we’re through I don’t want to know you exist, is that clear,” Mike said and called his mom to pick him up.

“I thought you didn’t want anything to do with me since I’m gay?" Jack said when Mike got off the bus with him the next day.

“I made a promise to you and I intend to keep it, but after homework is done you don’t talk to me, and as for the twins their soldier lessons will continue as will yours. But as for us being friends that’s over,” Mike said then headed into Jack’s house. As the weeks rolled on Jack became more and more pissed off at Mike for showing the twins affection while shunning him. Everything came to a head one day before first period.

“You stay the hell away from the twins they’re my brothers not yours. Go back to your family. Oh that’s right your dad’s a complete psycho and your mom’s never home,” Jack said and pushed Mike into his locker.

“The twins are my brothers too and if you ever say anything about my parents again you’re dead,” Mike said then punched Jack in the nose. Blood gushed out and Jack tackled Mike. The two rolled around until a teacher pulled them apart and sent them to the principal’s office. Both boys were suspended for a week and banned from seeing each other. At the twins’ insistence they were allowed over to Mike’s, provided they behave. The first time they saw Mike’s room they flipped over how neat it was and proceed to, as Jaden said, normal it up by messing up his bed and putting dirty clothes on the floor. Mike allowed this to a point then made the twins practice making his bed and folding his clothes. Thing carried on without a hitch until October rolled around. Mike was sitting on his bed waiting for his dad to get home so they go out to dinner to celebrate his thirteenth birthday. There was a knock on his door then Jack walked in.

“What are you doing here?” Mike said getting up.

“Chill. Your mom let me in after I told her I had something important to tell you,” Jack said moving closer to Mike, before continuing, “you were right friends don’t keep secrets from each other, but me being gay wasn’t the biggest secret I was keeping. It was this,” Jack said and kissed Mike.

“What the fuck,” Mike said pushing Jack away.

“Don’t you get it shit head? Mike, I love you and couldn’t leave without telling you how I felt.”

“What do you mean, you’re leaving?”

“Yeah remember all those business trips my parents were going on, well they’ve been offered cushy jobs on Wall Street making like a gazillion dollars. So me and the twins are getting shipped off to this prep school in Connecticut. We leave tomorrow.”

“I have to go see them,” Mike said getting agitated.

“No. My parents are having a hard enough time as it is dealing with them and they explicitly said you were not to come over,” Jack said blocking the door from Mike.

“So this is really goodbye then?”

“Yeah but there’s facebook, skype, IM and text. We’ll keep in touch,” Jack said smiling.

“No we won’t you know it and I know it. Next year’s high school. We’ll have all new friends and you’ll be running in a completely different circle. You’ll forget all about me and Podunk Michigan when you’re living up in the Hamptons with the other rich bitches,” Mike said as he wiped his eyes.

“No I won’t you’re too weird, and hey I thought soldiers didn’t cry,” jack said playfully shoving Mike.

“Mitigating circumstance ass wipe. And since this goodbye I better give you a goodbye present,” Mike said unzipping Jack’s pants.

“Mike you don’t have to do this,” Jack said.

“I know but consider this payback for all those freebies,” he said taking Jack’s cock in his mouth. The only sounds in the room were slurping and the sobs of the boys. When was finished Mike stood up and spat out Jack’s load.

“Man you were right that crap is nasty. I love you Jack. No homo,” Mike said smirking

“And I Love you Mike. No hetero,” Jack said and the pair busted a gut laughing.

“Don’t ever change Pinky. The world needs more people like you,” Mike said pulling him into a hug.

“I promise I won’t if you promise to stand up to your dad more now that I won’t be around. Deal?”

“Deal,” Mike said and intertwined his pinky with Jack’s who seal the promise with a kiss. Mike let him this time because he knew this was the end. The two pulled apart and Jack was gone.

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