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Two for Miss Belle

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Poem requested by Annabelle


Hear it is, Miss Belle!

You sleep next to a rabbit

with a very interesting habit

of singing to Miss Belle

until she’s finally all well.

Usagi sings when you sleep.

When you wake, she makes no peep.

Though, rabbits listen well

to secrets little girls tell.

Whisper any fears

into her silky ears,

and listen for your special tune,

sung by the rabbit in the moon.



For Annabelle

All fun and laughter,

even with the fever,

reading to you after

the poison, the endeavor,

I love your cranky spirit,

swinging out in the dark,

love that coming near it

so often, between fatigue and spark,

you bear your parents’ sorrow.

Life all struggle at four years,

the crab wound round your cord,

the nurses who bring you tears

and promise of distant reward,

you patiently tell

politely to go to hell.

I met you when I

placed the moon’s rabbit

at your side.

Let’s swing out in the dark,

I in mask and you

in tiny gown,

neck blistering.

Let’s dance with Kelly

in the rain, and cool

that neck with water

from Bethesda’s pool.

In place of the hug

we both need and avoid,

let’s play hide and seek

with the ray gun

and the poison,

while you help me to know

how the bear finds

his hat and what the rabbit


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