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The Hand

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The Hand (1991)

Bi Janus

Through smoke of fine Havanas,

the dealer deals two down

on perfect green felt.

The Nazarene, in the small blind,

without pause calls.

The Burning Bush,

in the big blind, folds,

cranky but unconsumed.

The Bringer of Judgment

frowns and raises.

The goat-footed boy

lowers the pipes and is in.

The Preserver shrugs

and mucks his hand.

The lover of Radha

bluffs at the pot.

The Enlightened One, on the button,

throws chips without looking.

They all call.

The dealer is quiet,

taking them through flop,

turn, and river.

A naked boy brings

a tray of longneck beers.

Their concupiscent eyes,

excepting the hooved-one’s,

betray the Law

as the dealer smiles.

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