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When Symbolism Matters

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PPP has issued a new poll in the state of Maryland. Last March they showed support for keeping same-sex marriage leading opposition 52-44. Their new poll shows support for marriage equality has now shifted 57% to 37%. Yes, that's nearly opposite of the final vote that took place over Amendment 1 in North Carolina.

What's the difference?

SInce the March Poll, national leaders like Joe Biden, Arnie Duncan, and Barack Obama have voiced their support for marriage equality. President Obama's change in tune was mostly symbolic because it did not change any legislation or executive order. The direct result of his symbolic change can be seen in this Maryland poll

-The movement over the last two months can be explained almost entirely by a major shift in opinion about same-sex marriage among black voters. Previously 56% said they would vote against the new law with only 39% planning to uphold it. Those numbers have now almost completely flipped, with 55% of African Americans planning to vote for the law and only 36% now opposed.

Maryland is poised to become the first of 33 states to publicly vote in FAVOR of allowing gay people to marry. It might do so in a stunning margin the likes of which have only been seen in conservative areas voting against us. Remember this the next time you hear symbolism doesn't matter.

(While the impact in North Carolina would likely not have been enough to change the outcome of the vote, it would likely have been a much closer vote. Even in 2008 California his support wouldn't have been enough to defeat Prop 8, although it likely would have made it a 50.3% to 49.7% vote instead of 52-48. There are just too many white Christians voting against same-sex marrage in the end.)

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At least that's some good news. I'm very glad that at least the NAACP went on our side.

When you think about it, probably what they should do in lieu of any gay amendments or gay marriage laws, is... just pass the Equal Rights Amendment:


It essentially says, "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." And that means preference, how you're born, what you change to, whatever. In the grand scheme of things, it makes sense. But they haven't been able to get this amendment passed in 40 years.

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