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The evolving film critic

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I have touted this young man's talents before, but then Jackson Murphy is evolving. A pre-teen when he first began reviewing mainstream films, he now has a regular spot on telvision as a film critic, at least in his hometown.

I became aware of him several years ago, back when he couldn't even attend a PG-13 film by himself. But then I also like animated films and that has been his specialty since the beginning. Now I believe the boy is fourteen and he has moved into reviewing a larger variety of films, although he is just as critical.

He assigns letter grades and is a tough sell for some of the dribble out of Hollywood these days. But when he first began his website I noticed he was a member of one of those "focus on the family" associations. I complained, as did many others it seems, that he wasn't doing his reputation any good with that affiliation, and lo...he dropped out of that.

Yes, Jackson is probably a nice little church going young man, but he has talents far beyind that which I find informative. So if you want to see what a film is all about (he doesn't review everything) then check out his website. I am off to the theater to see the new Pixar animated film "Brave," Jackson liked it, I should too.

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