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First Openly Gay United States Senator Elected!

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Congratulations and thanks to the state of Wisconsin for electing Tammy Baldwin the first openly gay US Senator in history!. Progress! And, thanks to Maryland and Washington State for legalizing gay marriage. And, also, though I no longer indulge, lets hear it for Colorado for having the sense to decide that people should not be imprisoned for marijuana possession. Things are happening in America now that I never thought I would live to see.

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Colorado's law goes beyond lack of imprisonment for possession of marijuana: Amendment 64 Passes: Colorado Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use. See Huffington Post article at www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/06/amendment-64-passes-in-co_n_2079899.html.

Also, Washington (state) passed a law about marijuana use: Washington voters legalize recreational pot use. See seattlepi article at www.seattlepi.com/news/article/Washington-voters-legalize-recreational-pot-use-4015003.php.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Great news all around. I still think Obama is inept, but I was happy to see Romney's concession speech, and he would've been horrible.

I'm really jazzed that gay marriage was voted in over in Maine and Maryland. This is a big step. If nothing else, I love it because it drives the religious right crazy!


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