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The Bonds of Brotherhood

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I have begun reading a wonderful story in the Young Friends Section of Nifty called The Bonds of Brotherhood. It is well-written with a good story-line and very detailed in descriptions of scene and the thinking of the characters. In many ways, it reminds me of a Cole Parker story in that it is populated with decent, good-hearted characters, though I must advise there is some sexuality that is presented in a tasteful way that furthers the plot. I have reached Chapter Seven of the twenty that have been posted so far and his posting schedule tends to vary between two to three days and a week, with long chapters. Warning, the story begins with a bullying scene. I strongly recommend the story based on the seven chapters I have read so far. I might add that Chapter 7 has an especially moving scene regarding patriotism and honor. I was moved to tears several times.


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FT is absolutely correct. I am four chapters in and it is riveting good. Full of genuine plot, not just a boy porn story but one that seems to be going worthwhile places. I thoroughly recommend it.

Six chapters in now... and I can assure you the plot is not only still good... it is also quite attractively naughty.

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