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It's Camy's Fault

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In the recent highly stimulating thread regarding Justin Bieber and his self-absorbed and tactless thoughts about Anne Franke, Camy posted a video of a moderately cute, moderately clever, and moderately entertaining English teenager named Charlie McDonnell, who creates a weekly Youtube video commenting on his moderately interesting life and thoughts. Not having much of a life myself, I have become addicted to watching it (partially because English Adolescent Accents do it for me). One particularly cute, clever, and entertaining video featured him trying to speak with an American accent, which, being American, I found hilarious. If you actually do have a life, I wouldn't skip watching Game of Thrones or Homeland or that dreadful show about the fat, tattooed pawn shop guys for it, but you might make time at some point to waste five minutes or so watching him. He's "wicked" and "brilliant."



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Nice catch, FreeThinker. The American boys who post on YouTube tend to be restricted to the macho (don't they wish) or the gay sorts filled with angst. The English boys don't seem to take themselves so seriously and in that they do tend to be quite funny. Yes, the accent is delightful and gives pause to wonder which part of the country they come from. I haven't a clue although a real English native might be able to pin down the accent.

Charlie has a good sense of humor although at times he seems to be reluctant to carry on with his train of thought. Perhaps his mother is looking over his shoulder. I have my own favorite young English guy who has been posting online for quite some time and I follow him on and off...lately it's been more off because he's gone bonkers with blue hair...and I used to find him attractive.

But Tom has a huge following and back in his early days we exchanged comments because I'm a Yank and he is ever so curious about America. This is just a sample of one of hundreds of videos he has posted.

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But Tom has a huge following and back in his early days we exchanged comments because I'm a Yank and he is ever so curious about America.

Next time you talk to him, tell him to get on mic. I hate it when people are six feet away from the microphone and try to talk to the camera. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

There's tons of stuff like that on YouTube, and it makes me crazy -- sometimes from people who should know better. A kid, you can sorta/kinda forgive, but even at 14, I'd know to hold the microphone or clip one to my shirt.

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