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Lesbians under fire....

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Not all citizens in the 50 states are equal, this we all know. But this week it seems the lesbian part of the LGBT community is under fire:



I know we have lesbian readers on the site, and perhaps an author lurking around, but the subject never seems to come up in the stories. It seems the real stories in the news are stranger than fiction. I hope the ACLU is all over this stuff since I am not aware that there are laws that only apply to heterosexuals in the criminal codes. Not even the Christian Right would make that Constitutional error.

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Is really America as retarded as it looks?

Is bigotry taking over?

Here, in France, we have our truckload of morons, but they are not yet nearly as obnoxious as these specimens. And I'm not talking only about the two above mentionned cases.

I've been reading a few of similar topics in AD and looking at their corresponding references and I'm starting to feel a tad paranoid.

These loonies are obviously intending to spread their views throughout the world and, looking at the already middle-age like, gay-bashing Polish Catholicism I fear that they will succeed sooner than we expect.

Let us not be fooled by the apparent leniency of gay-marriage laws.

Next, after the burning of any sexual non-conformist they can catch, will come an all-out multipolar religious world war.

Religion is no longer the people's opium, it as become again the drug to make them running amok.

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