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Pop Tart Arrest

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I don't know who is more ignorant in this situation, the mother of this child or the police. Hey, isn't there some real crime out there that needs attention?


So sorry, I thought this would be the drop dead laugh of the day, and then we have Canada's latest news:


Life gets funnier as the day progresses.

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If ever there was a case for a "breeding licence" and the removal of same from the mother - that is it.

The son may be a little hoodlum but whose fault is that? And at 13, ought not be too late for some proper education. But with a report like that, who knows, he may be quite a normal 13 year old.

As for the school, wrong on so many levels. In the UK behaviour like that would see the perpetrators/teachers never working with children again, and I'd have thought the lawsuits in the USA would remove their bottoms to above their heads. Is Canada that different?

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