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Russia- The Modern Stalinist Era

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The LGBT community is under attack in Russia, a joint project by government and Russian Orthodox Church officials. Just as we condemn those American politicians who use their religious beliefs to attack gay people (think the don't say gay bill in Tennessee), we need to make the Russian nation feel uncomfortable about what they are doing. I am suggesting withdrawing economic support by removing a source of cash flow provided by the tourism industry and the Olympics seems a perfectly good place to start.


The Russian people still seem to be the brainwashed masses left over from the Stalinist Era if they buy into this anti-gay propaganda. But nothing declares that more than the former KGB operative Putin who is still in charge.

So I don't expect many, if any, gay people will attend the winter Olympics next year. The country needs to feel the shame of their irrational fears and stop listening to the medieval ranting of the Russian church. I doubt if a boycott will do much damage but it sure will make the news.

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