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Italian justice a joke

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I guess people in Italy don't understand the word acquittal when it comes to courtroom drama:


Personally I think the poor girl has had quite enough and the only thing the Italians deserve is a large middle finger thrust in their faces. If the prosecutor forgot to do something when they had her in court then shame on him, send his ignorant ass to jail.

I seriously doubt if Amanda Knox will ever book another trip to Italy so F**k You seems to be an appropriate response to this latest outrage.

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It's a difficult case, one where the reports I've seen don't prove the case one way or another. While in the UK, the principle of 'double jeopardy' would not exist as it's a murder case, there are pretty strict rules for a retrial - which this appears to come nowhere near satisfying. No new evidence and no claims of a procedural error, just that the prosecutor didn't like the result. Excuse me, but that surely applies to any verdict that's nor guilty, and just because a prosecutor thinks someone is guilty, doesn't mean they are. Or do the Italians live in a wannabe Judge Dread world?

Certainly the prosecution comes out of this very badly, and a retrial is not going to make it better, indeed with news you'd rather not be perpetuated, the rule is shut up and don't argue. Contend the issue and the press quite rightly thinks there must be something in this and you'll never get rid of them.

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