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Negative response to gay ambassador

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It isn't just the article but the commentary that proves America is still a country almost as backwards as the Dominican Republic. You would expect the Christian response in a third world country like the DR to be about what you see here, but what happened to the intelligence in America?

I'm still not sure why we have an ambassador there at all when a consulate would serve and be much cheaper on the taxpayers. http://news.yahoo.co...-220408808.html

But give the comments following the story a glance and understand that bigotry is not limited to small foreign countries manipulated by the Church in Rome. The Spaniards arrived and obliterated the native population in that hemisphere leaving behind a subjugated people and a religion filled with propaganda and hate.

I would suggest we withdraw our embassy there and leave them out in the cold economically...perhaps their God will provide, but I doubt it.

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