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Another Reason Google is Evil

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Google, which prides itself on being "green" and environmentally friendly, has hosted a fund-raiser for the most egregious flat-earther in the US Senate, James Inhofe, who is also a supporter of unlimited executive power to access all aspects of our electronic lives. I thought Google's corporate philosophy was "Do no evil." Inhofe had gone repeatedly to Uganda to encourage their "homosexuality is a capital offence" legislation, as well as the "C-Street" project to replace secular law with Biblical law.

Almost everyone I know online uses Google for email and chat. Is there something someone can recommend that has email and chat and isn't evil? I hate to change my email yet again, but...


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If I never supported a corporation which didn't indirectly support some anti-gay cause or another, I wouldn't be able to eat, drink, drive a car, or buy pretty much anything. There's a line that I think gets crossed where I will stop supporting anti-gay company owners (like Chick-Fil-A), but Google ain't that bad to me.

Here's Huffington Post's list of the Top 25 list of the worst villains against LGBT people:


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