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Oops, Jesus didn't warn me about this.

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When you thought you might curl up by the fire and read a good book while your stomach aches and your children cry from lack of food you would be a North Korean. Perhaps it was those illegal newscasts from the south that kept you entertained until the Bibles floated down in your front yard. But now the firing squad is at your door, how lucky you are to be a Christian.


Bibles are inedible, although they might make up for a sudden lack of toilet paper, so I doubt if having one is worth the risk to you and your family. But the Christians of South Korea don't seem to understand, every Bible they airlift to the north might cause a death.


What would Jesus do? I think he would take his donkey and leave town. Is it just me or do Koreans push the limits of sanity? We know in the North that old Kim and his friends watch reruns of Seinfeld covertly shipped in from China. They drink Chivas Regal and get excited about their upcoming mega millions ski resort or the latest nuke test.

While millions starve in North Korea, that my friends is pure insanity. So sure, let's send them Bibles since that is obviously what they need.

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