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The people in charge....

Chris James

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As community leaders, the members of a school board don't rank very high and yet they are supposed to decide on the rules for educating the young. I would think that requires a certain acceptance of the laws and ordinances of the community and state in which they live. This woman is hardly progressive:


Perhaps it is her religious perception of transgender that makes her speak such ignorance. She obviously knows nothing about transgender kids. Those who do decide to have sexual reassignment surgery only do so after a long and involved course of physical and mental preparation. This woman has no idea how much harm her comments have on those transgender kids she is supposed to nurture.

But since she is a woman, how does she suppose a transgender student in a female to male developmental change accept her words? Fortunately any reassignment changes happen after a person is grown and becomes an adult. Her castration comment will not affect those who are beyond her ignorant educational reach. Her community needs to bag this bitch and toss her in the dumpster behind the cafeteria where she can join the other cockroaches.

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