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A legistative fruitcake

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I don't like to demean fruitcake, some of you may like that holiday treat. But it's full of nasty fruit and plenty of nuts. So it this idiot:


Oh yeah, let's ban all marriages, at least those granted by the government. I imagine this fool thinks that only churches have the right to marry when in fact without a government marriage license whatever happens in a church is meaningless.

So tossing out the baby with the bathwater this fool would terminate marriages in the state of Oklahoma. This won't go anywhere, it's doomed to fail, it's against all legal precedent. But imagine the fallout.

There would be no spousal property rights, children would be born without legal status since the parents aren't married. Just imagine what this would mean at tax time. Your mate gets sick there would be no visitation rights at the hospital. No joint credit could be issued. It's a clusterfuck.

But these are issues that the gay community faces every day in places where gay marriage is forbidden. We've all seen this kind of nonsense before and the courts are slowly coming around to deciding these things are unconstitutional. About time.

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