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This guy gets it!

Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

A joke was made by someone much funnier than myself about the sanctity of marriage. It went something like 'anything you can do drunk at 3am in front of Elvis...' Of course for years there have been people railing about marriage equality (people are right, we should stop calling it gay marriage) and one of their big reasons was the 'sanctity of marriage' argument.

I like what this guy has to say.

Additionally, I'm really opposed to the idea of 'tradition' being used to support why we continue to do something. Like that 'cultural tradition' in Japan over mindlessly killing all those dolphins recently? 'Because we've always done it this way' or 'Because we've done it like this for a long time' is a really weak excuse - in fact it's just downright lazy.

This article picks apart the 'traditional marriage' argument delightfully.

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