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Frozen: Disney's Gay Agenda


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Recently there has been an article that has been thrown about on facebook talking about "Disney's Gay Agenda" through the movie "Frozen". Here is a link to one of the articles.


It honestly made me laugh quite a bit, just by how horrifically paranoid this "well behaved Mormon woman" is. But it didn't make me laugh as much as my friend Michael's satirical article he wrote in response.


And another rebuttal as well.


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The first time I heard the Oscar-nominated song, "Let It Go," I thought man, if ever there was a pro-gay song sneaking into a Disney movie, this is it:

The lyrics deal with the character being isolated from a fear of being honest about who they are, and their joy at finally being able to be truthful and not hold anything back from their lives. Wonderful song, whether or not there's a subversive element at work. "Here I stand, and here I'll stay!"

101 million views on YouTube so far. If this doesn't win the Oscar, I'll be stunned. Absolutely dynamite visuals, too. (And any song that can work the phrase "frozen fractals" in the lyrics impresses the hell outta me.)

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