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Gay and Straight Actors in TV

The Pecman

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I just stumbled upon a fascinating website that documents appearances by actors in what could be interpreted as gay roles, or at least questionable scenes that have popped up in American TV series over the years:


I think the guy who runs the website is a riot, and he points out some very funny coincidences or incidents where one look, one glance, completely changes the scene. A lot of this stuff goes back to the the 1960s and 1970s, and it's often very amusing to look at the photographs and go, "man, what were those people thinking?"

Jeffrey Dennis, the author of the site, also has written several books on the gay subtext of characters in movies and TV shows, and I think his ideas and conclusions are often very intriguing. His personal reminiscences of growing up as a very religious midwest conservative kid in the 1970s are also eye-opening, particularly as he comes to terms with his own sexuality. He encounters a lot of guys in school who are in the "are they or aren't they?" category, and I found his exploits and frustration with teenagers who throw off mix signals were very entertaining -- and I think many of us will identify with his struggles, some of which are poignant, some of which are really hilarious. He's a damn good writer, too.

Highly recommended. Just pop through the site at random and click almost any link, and you'll see some fairly interesting items here and there. And needless to say, there's some very hot (clothed) pictures of famous celebrities, young and old, that will pique your interest.

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