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AwesomeDude's Tenth Anniversary Story Submissions

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A quick review of my thoughts on each story.

Turning Ten by Bruin Fisher: I loved the incorporation of the theme in this one. It was very ingenious. More importantly, the story was a wonderful tale of unexpected love, despite less than perfect circumstances, which is a reminder I constantly need.

Fifteenth Birthday by Colin Kelly: Can't complain about this one. The tale of needing to tell your best friend the thing you're most nervous about, hoping that they won't mind. I loved every moment of it.

Turning Ten On the Road to Kamping by Nigel Gordon: Nigel really outdid himself on this one. Detailed descriptions make you feel like you're there, and each character is well developed for a short story. Add in another ingenious twist on the theme and you have a recipe for Nigel's best work yet.

2 x 10 by Cole Parker: Cole, you're an inspiration to us all. Read it and find out why.

The Other Side by Chris James: An adventure that I hadn't been expecting, but it was well worth the ride. I wouldn't mind seeing a novel come out of this one, personally.

As The Clock Turns by Cynus: I'll decline to comment on my own story.

The Worst Day by Alien Son: A how to guide on how to turn a kid's day around. A great deal of depth in the main character, who happens to be a ten year old boy. Well done.

Turning Ten Twice by Nigel Gordon: Somehow Nigel managed to pull off a second short before the deadline, and just like the other one it was fantastic. The twist at the end makes it all the better.

Chains by Steven Adamson: A great reminder that sometimes happiness requires that we take a leap of faith and break out of our comfort zones. This is another lesson I've needed recently, and I'm grateful for.

Pyrrhus by vwl-rec: Philosophical. I like a story that makes me think, and this one certainly did. I'm afraid if I say more I'll give it away, so I won't! Sometimes we need to think of the bigger picture.

Sweet and Ten by Mihangle: A mischievous tale filled with the explorations of the young, and guaranteed to make you wish you were still innocent.

Homecoming by Altimexis: Another wild adventure, with a delightful twist. A tale of survival when the odds are against you. Loved every second.

Jesse's Journey by James Merkin: Sometimes it takes a journey to the past to remember how much people mean to you, whether they be family or perfect strangers. Jesse's journey reminds us of the importance of love in all aspects of life.

Ten Years On by Camy: Uncertainty in love can doom a relationship. It's good to have great friends who can tell you the honest truth when you need it, especially when it's keeping you from happiness. Yet another lesson I needed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories. It was a wonderful few days as I went through them all. I didn't have a solid complaint about any of them, and each one reflected the spirit of AwesomeDude in its own way.

Well Done!

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