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Here's a book I want to read

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"Know your enemy" is a well worn phrase and nothing riles me up like a born again Christian who sees the gay community as a threat to civilization. And now for the other side of the coin:


I can see where Mr. Vines' book would be attractive reading since for once we have a pro-gay viewpoint based upon Bible scripture. I think anyone with half a brain can see that the Bible has been used as a bludgeon to debase gay people and bolster the egos of fundamental Christians.

I am not about to become a Bible believer since I still regard it as a dated and abused text for all the special interests in the Christian world. In my library it ranks as the number one fiction book of all time. But it will be interesting to see how Mr. Vines interprets the gospels in light of gay acceptance. No wonder the fundamentalists are foaming at the mouth. Let's hope it pushes the book sales through the roof.

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Howard Stern played portions of a lecture by Franklin Graham (son of the famous evangelist) where he railed against gay people getting the right to marry. The minister went on and on and on about how gay people could never procreate, and I thought, "well, I know several gay people who managed to have children by using a surrogate, and others who were able to adopt, and their kids were raised just fine." 90% of his argument hinged around the fact that gay people cannot physically reproduce and have children between themselves. Stern was outraged, and so was I.

You gotta wonder if Graham's ire would also extend to straight couples who deliberately choose not to have children, or straight couples who can't have children for medical reasons. Couples like that are clearly having sex for non-procreation reasons. These religious nuts seem unable to grasp that it's possible for gay people to raise children and give them a sense of morality, with or without the church.

Ironically, all five or six of the gay couples I know who've raised children have straight kids. Go figure. So any theories about molestation or recruiting or any of that crap is all bunk. It's the person who determines how good or moral they are... not their sexual identity.

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