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I want to see this movie. It's about a thirteen year-old kid growing up in Port Arthur, Texas and facing the problems of poverty, an alcoholic father, and The System.The picture of actor Josh Wiggins at the beginning of the article is haunting.


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I agree, FT, an interesting film concept. The difficulty of seeing an Indie film means I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD since I am not a fan of PPV cable.

I am always interested in new young actors like Josh Wiggins. We never know if a career is born every time one of these kids stars in a film. I guess I am still looking for the next River Phoenix or the next Freddy Highmore. But even mega-stars like Leo DiCaprio had credible careers at a young age, although I am not sure what to make of him now.

According to IMDB Mr. Wiggins is involved in the production of two other films at the moment so perhaps we will have a new face to admire in the future. At least someone sees that the boy has some talent. I will reserve judgment until I see him act.

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