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Fireworks for the Fourth

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Here's one old progressive who gets choked up listening to the "Stars and Stripes Forever" while watching the fireworks over the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Conservatives don't have a monopoly on love of country. Then I was amazed when I switched from PBS to NBC and saw New York City shoot them off the Brooklyn Bridge! That was KEWL, watching the fireworks reflected on the glass towers of Lower Manhattan and everyone reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before singing the Star Spangled Banner! I cried like a baby. The only thing cooler would have been if they had shot them off around the new Freedom Tower!

Every Fourth of July morning, NPR's Morning Edition reads the entire Declaration of Independence. I listen to it every year as I am driving home from work (I work an overnight shift) and it is one of the most moving things to hear. I think every American, liberal or conservative, should listen to that. Its wonderful.

Here's a link if you wish to listen.


Happy Fourth of July!

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