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My contribution today to the discussion of differences between Britain and America. I have found a web site that translates British Slang into American. It is written by an Englishman who lives in Texas. Actually most Americans could use a site that translates Texan into American, but that's a different subject (especially in politics. There's crazy and then there's Texas Crazy. Texas is a whole different breed of crazy). But I digress (again).

Here it is. British into American:


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There are parts of Texas where I can't understand what they're saying. An old pal of mine lived in England for most of his life before moving over here, growing up in London, and he told me that if he drove 200 miles straight north, he'd have a helluva time trying to get directions from the residents. He told me that England had at least a dozen different dialects, some of which are as radically different as a Louisiana Patois from a NY Brooklyn accent.

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