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The Dream


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Disclaimer: This one is particularly erotic, so if you aren't in the mood for such a thing I suggest you look elsewhere.

The Dream

by Cynus

You lie there sweet and peaceful,

A dream waiting to be had.

I cannot watch your slumber,

Without wanting to be bad.

I approach and lean toward you,

My breath upon your ear.

I whisper soft and sensual,

To announce that I am here.

Eyes now flutter open,

And you meet my lustful gaze,

You smile at me and match it,

Never ceasing to amaze.

Your lips are soft and eager,

And they quickly meet my own.

You pull me down into you,

And I let out a moan.

My hands slide up your shirt,

As you unbutton mine,

And with hearts both bare and beating,

Our bodies now entwine.

Inhibition fades in seconds,

As do all thoughts of rest.

You kiss and nip my neck,

My hands glide across your chest.

I begin to move down lower,

As my tongue explores your skin.

I fumble with your belt,

Then I free the prize within.

I reveal your skin completely,

And no longer can be chaste.

With but a pause to view your beauty,

I move in to take a taste.

I tease about you slowly,

That my senses may be sated.

And when your impatience reaches climax,

You find the pleasure you awaited.

You grip my hair so tightly,

And my mouth does not complain,

For I have wanted this forever,

And am unable to refrain.

When you’ve neared your ending,

I reluctantly pull off,

I smile as you whimper,

Wondering if you’ve had enough.

Your eyes plead with a promise,

That you are surely ready,

I smile and shed my clothing,

And then I hold you steady.

I pause before your entrance,

Then push in slow but strong,

Which soon becomes a rhythm

And our moans become a song.

I grasp you in my hand,

As we thrust against each other.

And match the rhythm, stroking

One thrust after another.

We scream and cry together,

As our bodies find release.

And then collapse in bliss,

As our stamina depletes.

I smile at you in wonder,

Though I’m suddenly feeling weak.

You grin back at me with love,

And gently kiss my cheek.

We entwine again and pause,

My hands resting on your thigh.

I fall asleep in peace,

With nothing but a sigh.

I wake alone but happy,

The dream it felt so right,

But now I can’t but wonder,

Will you dream of me tonight?

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