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10 Mistakes We Make in Relationships

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1. Ignoring the Obvious- It is said that love is blind. It makes us overlook tiny little flaws like say... alcoholism.


2. Thinking he will change for me- no, he won't. In some cases, you can expect it to get much worse and probably take you down with him.


3. I have to take it because I can't do any better- without any self esteem or confidence, you probably won't. You won't get either staying in an abusive situation.


4. I need a relationship- are you ready for one or is it a security blanket you hide behind? You can't stand together if you can't stand alone.


5. Forgive and forget- resentments poison relationships.

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6. Don't expect your partner to read your mind- unless you are dating Professor X. You must communicate.


7. Don't take him for granted- there's little worse than being lonely in a relationship. Give him the gift of your self as often as possible.


8. Remember the romance- little touches go a long way to keeping the magic alive.


9. Make time for each other- it's how you grow together.


10. Be sure to play together a little every day. It never gets old and it keeps you young.

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