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Blaze of Glory by Jeff Erno


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I've been running out of new authors and stories to read so I search through old recommendation threads whenever I come across one. I hadn't read any Jeff Erno before - his much earlier "Dumb Jock" story, and it seems most of his work since, are now published and not available free online - but a few "tasters" are via the Free Reads page on his website.

I tried his "Blaze of Glory" (actually the pdf download version) last night and thought it not bad at all - if anything too short - I would have thought there was plenty of meat left on this bone for a story twice as long. (FWIW - I liked the cover artwork too.)

Story gives an interesting insight into the huge problems our societies will all be facing long after the Bush/Blair wars are off the political agenda. Tens of thousands of damaged young men and women struggling to come to terms with their injuries both physical and mental - a whole new generation of Vietnam Vets. I never did like the way our politicians cleverly conflated patriotic support for our servicemen who are dutybound to fight when ordered to do so with the politicians' unwinnable (I would say stupid) wars. Anyone with a passing interest in history could have warned them about the likely outcome in both Iraq and Afghanistan before a shot was fired.

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