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Interview with the Creator by Nigel Gordon

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If you think that we are all here because of the existence of an all-wise Creator, or if you profoundly don't, then read Nigel's interview. It has a sense of the ridiculous that Douglas Adams would appreciate. Come to think of it Douglas Adams knows whether there was a Creator... actually if there wasn't then he doesn't.

So, don't skip the short stories, there are some jewels out there and this, delightfully, is one.

Read it here


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Isn't it great to poke fun at the high and mighty? In one short go Nigel has done just that. Knowing the facts about our creator...well, we don't actually know anything and that is why this story works. The Bible is rife with little tidbits that just beg for some good poking at the almighty, even if you don't believe in him. Well done, Nigel....and a great ending image.

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