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Aussies: It's time for a positive change

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This might be of interest to see how discrimination is confronted in Australia.

A NURSE and a Newcastle BHP worker made history in 1995 in a legal case over $915.
Not that Andrew and Bill Whitbread-Brown knew it was legal history at the start.
Their case against health insurer NIB was a significant milestone in the fight for legal recognition of gay and lesbian relationships in Australia, but the two men weren't aware how significant until their story made news around the country.
"I think when we saw it on the front page of a newspaper it was like 'Oh my Lordie, this is bigger than we thought'," Andrew says.
"We thought it might have been a little news article in the Newcastle Herald because we were from Newcastle, but it was clear it was bigger than that."
They are talking this week as federal politicians play catch-up with the community and count the numbers for an historic marriage equality vote.

Read the whole article:


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