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And we all thought that American gay rights advocates were outrageous, this is over the top:


Easy to speculate where there are no facts to mitigate a statement like Tatchell's claim. Oh yes, we all know the old nonsense about running around in dresses with twelve men, but that was just a bad joke Catholic boys told after forced religion classes on Tuesday nights.

At issue: does it matter? If he was homosexual Jesus would have been persecuted for that in his time. Jewish society was rather strict on the subject among other things. I have always favored that the man who was catapulted into the role of a divine was just a poor Jewish radical, one of the original hippies, who decried the excesses of his society.

The savior and son of god role was cast on him after his death and a group of people used his image to make a few bucks, start a religion, and make even more money. Jesus, the man, would have been ashamed of what they have made of him.

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