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The Haunted Tryst


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The Haunted Tryst

Randy called it the castle but it was just a very big, dilapidated old house. It rose up higher than the street and the enclosed yard was completely over-grown with brambles.

I think boys are blessed with some sort of invisibility when they trespass, go through yards or invade empty houses. Like mice and rodents, boys leave damage but by the time it is discovered, they are long gone.

"No one's lived here for years." He told me he some old lady used to own it.

The paint on the old house had peeled away leaving it gloomy, grey and ominous. All the doors and windows on the ground floor had been boarded over.

His voice was hushed. "Tommy, this way."

I followed Randy around to a small enclosed back porch. Up a few the steps there were columns that were on either side of the door. I was under Randy's bad influence and I followed him, no questions asked. He climbed up one onto the small porch roof and once secure, he reached down and pulled me up. Beyond the porch roof was a window. It slid open and the two of us climbed in.

It was very quiet. The only sounds were from us. We stood in a large, mostly empty room. Randy stopped and proceed to pee in the middle of what used to be a dark green carpet. Chunks of plaster had fallen from the high ceiling leaving debris and long settled dust.

There were windows all around that let in lots of light but the room still looked stark and haunted like a place where something tragic had once happened. A few scattered pieces of chest furniture with drawers pulled out and upturned, were here and there.

"There's nothing good here like treasure or gold. It's all been stolen before I got here."

I kept close to Randy, almost touching him. I was doing my best to hide my fear.

There were two doors leading to a dark hallway that was in turn, surrounded with doors to other rooms. At the one end there was a large staircase that descended into the murky darkness of the boarded up ground floor.

At the top stair I immediately said "I'm not goin down there, you can go but not me!"

"We'll go next time. We have to find a flashlight that works and remember to bring it with us."

Opening one of the bedroom doors revealed a massive, black, drippy, skull and cross bones on the wall. It had been sprayed painted and it hung there like a demonic alter in a video game. The image was crude and defiant in this strange forsaken bedroom. On the floor, in the center of the room lay a pillow that had been slit open causing its stuffing to emerge like guts.

Sensing that I was creeped-up, he said, "Oh I forgot to tell you, the old lady that owned this place died here."

That sent a chill up my spine.

Randy continued. "Oh, it gets worse. When they found her she was totally covered with flies and maggots. It was so bad that the police left her here and she turned into a mummy. She's still in one of the rooms.

Grabbing Randy, I actually cried out with fear. My voice rose up an entire octave.

I said, "Let's get out of here!"

He was almost laughing and getting pleasure out of my distress. "Don't worry, they took the body away, I was just kidding you.

I admitted it, "I don't care, I am really scared!"

I had to exercise restraint to keep form peeing my pants.

He opened one door that was just a dark, narrow, stair case to the next floor up. Randy had to drag me by the hand. He told me that this was where all the maids and butlers lived. They had their own private stairway.

The rooms on this floor were smaller and not as creepy as the floor below. There was a white porcelain bathroom with a big tub that was filled part way with old sash weights. All the other rooms were small bedrooms and closets. In one room there was a collapsed bed frame and a small mattress on the floor.

Randy asked, "We could do it here?"

I said, " No way! Let's get out of here."

Randy responded, "Why?"

I told him I was afraid.

"Oh, like afraid of what?"

"Suppose we get caught or captured or maybe kidnapped or what if her ghost is real and demons are real and that there are vampires or we might be murdered."

"Shut the fuck-up!"

The afternoon had turned late and we could see that the sun was going down and we were up on the third floor of an abandon house.

"Randy, we better get out of here while it is still light."

"Why don't we stay here all night?"

"No way, you're crazy!"

"Tommy, it'll be fun."

It was getting dark. "I should have brought candles or a flashlight but a flashlight would never last all night."

"I can't believe it, you're fuckin serious. Randy, let's get out of here!"

"Oh yeah, like you want to go home to your mom and put up with her drunk asshole, boyfriend?"

"No, I just don't want to stay here."

There was a noise. Randy hushed me up.

We heard it again and it was coming from downstairs. My entire back stiffened with fear. Every horror movie I had ever seen was creeping through my mind. The window was just a dim amber and the open door to the hall was black hole.

Not a word was said but we knew we had to get out of there fast. We were trying not to make the slightest noise. Along the hall to the back stairway was bringing us closer to where we heard the sound. It opened to the main second floor hall that led to the room where we came in. Once in the room, we ran, slid open the window, jumped out onto the roof. Both of us jumped down to the ground and ran as fast as we could.

When we got far enough away, hot, sticky and out of breath, we laughed about our exciting adventure.

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Nice, though I think it would be more interesting if the noise was described. Was it footsteps (a squatter, another intruder, or maybe a zombie) or rustling (as someone move past a tapestry or curtain, or maybe the movement of a ghost coming to check on who was in the house), or something else?

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Nice, though I think it would be more interesting if the noise was described. Was it footsteps (a squatter, another intruder, or maybe a zombie) or rustling (as someone move past a tapestry or curtain, or maybe the movement of a ghost coming to check on who was in the house), or something else?

Thank you from the bottom of this attention whore's heart. This was an authentic adventure. The intruder was probably other boys not unlike Randy and Tommy.

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